Cyber Security in the upcoming decade - The key lies in nipping off possible mountainous security attacks when they are still molehills, leveraging technology!!!

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Today’s Insurance world is one of the favourite targets of cyber criminals; phishing, malware and the similar likes of cyber threats. With huge storages of authentic Customer and prospect data, it will not be surprising to note why cyber criminals wouldn’t want access to them for financial data and identity theft. It is hence quite implicit that enterprises adopt to systematic planning and deployment of high-tech Cybersecurity systems to ward off precious data and information thefts.

This White Paper, “CYBER RESILIENCE IN INSURANCE” drills-down into the very faucets of alarming levels of Cyber threats. It also lists what Ameex Insurance technocrats and consultants have researched, in terms of end-to-end Cybersecurity tools, best practices and methodologies, to tackle cyber threats:

tickBuilding a strong Cybersecurity framework

tickWhat are Ameex’s take in terms of various Cybersecurity tools to be leveraged

tickWhat would the Cybersecurity scenario be like in the upcoming decade?