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Experience Design, the combination of UX Design and Business Strategy

Experience design lies in the epicenter of UX design, product design, and business strategy. Only if a customer feels a smooth and inspiring experience from the first point of contact and at all digital touchpoints, they would be able to complete the journey successfully. As an expert UX consulting firm, our strategists help you develop a customer-centric UX model where we understand your business ecosystem and goals, analyze your current state, check if the user is getting the right information at each touchpoint, jot down the difficulties they face in buying your product or getting any information about your business in general, and provide an effective experience design game plan that makes their journey easier thus helping you to meet your business goals quickly.

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Value we deliver

  • users

    Increase user engagement:

    Where do users click most? Which source contributes to the highest quality of traffic? We help you identify and improve points of user-engagement in real-time.

  • increase

    Increase conversions:

    We provide a strategic UX for your digital applications with a focus on providing elements of humanization and ease of navigation thereby increasing conversion numbers.

  • cut

    Cut down development costs:

    By prototyping and user testing, you not only make sure that your product is user-friendly, but you also get to see the final version well in advance before developing the product.

  • loyal

    Increase customer loyalty:

    With customer journey maps, we can build empathy, identify bottlenecks, and increase the retention rate for better engagement thereby winning their loyalty.

We Believe In Our Design Thinking Process

ameex digital process

    Brainstorm, Analysis, User Study

  • zig1DEFINE

    Problem Statement, Information Architecture, User Journey

  • zig1DESIGN

    Wireframe, Prototyping, Visual Design

  • zig1TESTING

    User testing

Driving customer experience through design thinking


UX/UI Design

User Research & Analysis

Customer Journey Mapping

Interactive Prototyping

Usability Testing

Design Thinking Workshops

Create a customer-centric design and make the user journey easier to meet your business goals. Talk to our UX strategists today!