Improving Customer Engagement and Omnichannel Experience with Conversational UI

Conversational UI helps you to interact with your customers at exactly the right time and significantly increase your chances of converting your customer. Be it your website, mobile app, or other digital properties, you get the opportunity to deliver highly relevant information that helps in lead generation, customer support, and more. 

One of the leading health and nutrition brands was looking to build a conversational UI to tap the customer base of millennial mothers. Although the platform we previously built for them can support 20+ integrations like Ecommerce, CRM, Behavior tracking, Content management, etc., scalability, reducing localization cost, and customization were the crucial needs of the conversational solution they needed.

After deep research and analysis, we figured the conversational solutions that are available in the market did not offer the integration and customization capabilities that our client asked for and we built our own conversational platform which is modular in nature with Stanford NLP and a custom engine that checks all the pre-requisites.

Capabilities of the Conversational UI we built:

  • Provide quick and accurate answers to the customers queries.
  • Act as a personal advisor to millennial mothers. 
  • Be available 24/7 and help throughout the buying cycle.
  • Had the ability to work effectively in different markets and for different goals.
  • Easy to integrate with all channels – both voice and non-voice.

Value Addition:

As the company wanted to adopt the conversational solution across its branches in several locations, we worked with each geography’s needs of the brand. For instance, the US division wanted to leverage bots to make additional revenue by providing e-commerce solutions whereas the Canada division’s objective is to reduce the workload for customer support team. 

Business Outcome:

  • The bot launched for the US market’s website is integrated with the Facebook Messenger helps in providing product recommendations, answering questions, and tracking/managing orders. 
  • The bot launched for the Canada market’s website is coupled with the Salesforce CRM solution and Data Mart Epsilon that helped in customer support, survey, feedback, key brand programs, and more. 
  • Reduced cost and time as it provided the ability to interact with the content from the web and e-commerce site.
  • The AI/ML capabilities of the bot understand the user’s needs based on their previous interaction, purchase history, etc., and provided relevant information without taking too much time. 
  • The bot solution we build can be easily integrated with other channels both voice and non-voice helping the brand to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience for the customer. 

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