Audit your way to digital success - story

With technology, evolution is the key to sustainability. Managing multiple digital assets, you need to know how are they performing with the current trends in the market and when is the right time to upgrade to the latest version of your tech.

A website audit is a comprehensive report based on a thorough analysis of your website by a team of experts from various functional domains. You can read more on how the process works and what are the various areas covered under the website audit here.

The audit report is conveyed to the client by the Digital consultant who explains the score across different parameters and suggests the recommendations for improvement in each area.

This is how it helped our clients take a big step in their Digital transformation journey

Finding the root cause for the poor site performance

The Challenge

The client's site was messed up due to poor page performance. While they approached us, the site was startled with improper architecture, poor maintenance, and complex processing set up. The client was confused on how to get things back on track since it derailed them totally from their digital transformation roadmap.

Our Solution

We suggested and went for a complete site audit across all areas Architecture, Performance, Coding, Configuration, user experience, SEO etc. Based on the recommendations and comparisons we mapped the fixes to short-term and long-term based on their impact on the website functionality. The client chose on the long-term route to ensure the site is completely healthy void of issues.

Benefits of the Audit recommendation Implementation

The audit recommendations carried the complete roadmap for the client's Digital Transformation. By implementing the same over the long-run we delivered the following.

A scalable and robust architecture to the platform that was light and can load faster. The platform can also integrate any next-gen technology in the future easily such as chatbots, Conversational UX etc.

The site's maintenance workflow was altered and structured. Following DevOps, the maintenance of the website was streamlined.

The code library was revamped to introduce reusability of the code library. This made localization to the local market easier

The page speed score improved drastically from 10+ seconds to less than 3 seconds. The outcome reflected in the increase in user engagement and conversions.

When they did not know how to move forward

The client was running on Drupal 6 version and was finding constant issues with the site's performance and security fixes. When they approached us they had an idea to move to a complete commerce platform instead of Drupal. They were also open to options on upgrading to latest version of Drupal with e-commerce integration.

Ameex helped in consulting by an extensive audit on Performance, SEO, functionality, Security, Code & Architecture to understand whether Drupal 8 + Commerce is feasible. Based on the audit reports, we narrowed that all three options were possible for the client which are

  1. moving to an e-commerce platform
  2. Drupal 7+ e-commerce
  3. Drupal 8 + e-commerce

While Drupal 8 + e-commerce was the ideal solution since it would serve the client on a long-run, they were hesitant to go for it since they were unsure about the feasibility of the solution to meet their required business functionalities.

To overcome the same, we went on to build a Proof of Concept to prove the feasibility of the suggested solution (Drupal 8+ e-commerce)

Where did the Audit help here?

A clear route could be laid down since the audit helped to map the existing performance of the site against the requirements of the client. It paved way for the exploration of a new option which was later the implemented solution (Drupal 8+e-commerce) The team was versed with the functionalities of the site which eased the development process later.

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