Access the right resources at the right time

An online presence today is not about having a portal or a simple content website where people access information. The Digital medium has grown rapidly that today, business drive technology as an extended tool to reach their customers at every digital touch point and create a seamless engaging experience with the brand.

So what about the vendor partners who help you implement them? Vendors today cannot be just vendors anymore. They have to IT partners who help your business growth in the Digital medium. They should play the role of a consultant, developer, Service provider and solution provider. Help you to reap the benefits of next-gen technology by being the front-runners.

The core to all of this is finding an exclusive team with the vendor who will work closely with your business in a long run to make this happen.

We did the same for one of our clients. Building a core team under four functional areas who worked exclusively for the client over a period of 3 years and continuing to enable Digital transformation for the customer.

Consulting and Strategy Team

The business starts here. To know what the business want and the roadmap to achieve it. The Consulting and Strategy team carried a crew comprising of Technical Architects, Presales strategists, UI/UX experts and Development consultants.

They map the long-term and short-term goals of the customer with the long term and short term solutions to attain them. This is where technology and business play hand in hand towards business growth. The team collaborates with the client's leadership team to understand the requirements and the objective of each Digital initiatives and work towards the same. They lay the roadmap for any project and the project begins here.

Implementation Team

Implementation is the second big step post discovery. While the consulting and strategic team, work on ideating the goals and solutions the implementation team bring them to reality. This team involves the Program Manager, Project Manager, Business analyst, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Process Manager, Solution Architect, Regional Lead, Technical Leads, Developers, QA Lead & QC engineers, Automation Engineers, Localization , Experts, Migration engineer, DevOps Engineers, UI/UX Experts, SEO & Performance Analysts.

The team chose a lead market to implement the global platform for the Digital Transformation. They architected a futuristic platform which is scalable, modular & decoupled for future innovations. The team also work on implementing the test market solution to the lead market and then break it down to the localized regions where the client operate.

The Program Manager and the Project manager ensure the project is on track as per the timelines agreed and they work closely with the Strategy and consulting team to understand the business objectives of the services/solutions.

Maintenance and Support team

This team takes proactive care of the site post-launch. Since all teams are in-house knowledge transfer happens seamlessly and in case of exigency development and Maintenance team can collide to work together.

The team is formed with a dedicated MS Program Manager, MS Project manager, Process Manager, Business analyst, Scrum Master, Change Manager, Technical Architect, Release manager, Technical Leads, Developers, QA & QC, Performance Engineers, Automation Engineers, BCP Leads, Customer Support Executives (L1, L2, L3), Infrastructure Support Engineer, DevOps Engineer.

The team, work on to offer 24*7 Maintenance and Support which is ongoing. Teamed with a powerful DevOps process they work on a CI CD model (Continuous Integration and Continuous development) to reduce the time to market. The process is also backed by an automated testing process to make it more efficient.

Innovation team

If you would agree necessity is the mother of invention, this team work on both necessity and the invention/innovation. Formed by the AI scientists, Chief Architects, and the core development team, they stand a separate entity and work closely with all three teams. Time and again they help the other three teams to stay up to date with technology and market. They develop POCs and prototypes from our in-house AI Research labs and pass it over for development and testing.

For the client stated here, this team worked throughout the process bringing the platform to be deeply integrated with next-gen technologies such as Chatbots, CIAM, CJAO, GDPR, AI/ML Personalization etc. This helped the client to not just transform but grow digitally post the transformation.

If you are wondering what type of team could get the best out for you, talk to your consultant today.