Web CMS Strategy and Consulting

For most companies, the website serves as the window for their customers to see their USP and the company’s values over their competitors. Though it sounds simple, it involves various micro and macro factors in creating, publishing and catering it to the customers. 

Ameex brings to you our 11+ years of CMS expertise to play the role of a website consultant. We help you connect your business, technology, and Marketing goals to surpass your competition. Moreover, with our vertical expertise, we deliver you custom solutions based on Industry standards, best practices and our experience with the Industry. 

Our Strategy and Consulting services

  • Platform Architecture review – Evaluating Scalability and Deep Integration capabilities
  • Current Workflow and Process Analysis
  • UI/UX review 
  • Search Engine Optimization Audit 
  • Definition & Documentation of Technical Requirements
  • Assessment to choose apt Content Management/E-commerce platforms 
  • Detailed Technology Recommendations
  • Estimated Costs and Timeline Projections
  • ROI Calculations / Business Case Development

Focused recommendations:

  • Public Web Site Strategies
  • Intranet Site Strategies
  • Government Web Site Strategies
  • Industry-specific Strategies (Financial Services, Media, Retail, Manufacturing)
  • Globalization / Localization Strategies
  • Mobile Strategies
  • E-Commerce Recommendations
  • Community Monetization Strategies
  • Personalization and Content Targeting Recommendations