Sitecore Upgrade

Sitecore 10 Upgrade and Migration Services

A Successful upgrade depends on finding the right team that has the skills, capabilities, and expertise to maximize the value from your Sitecore investment.


Mainstream Support End Date for Sitecore


Sitecore 9.0 or Prior

Support no longer exists


Sitecore 9.1

Support ends in December 2021


Sitecore 9.2 and 9.3

Support ends in December 2022

Sitecore 10 Advantage

If you still haven’t thought about upgrading to Sitecore 10, you are missing out on some key features that could improve your time to market through analytics, AI personalization, and integration capabilities.

Sitecore 9.3.x to Sitecore 10.x

  • Supercharge your personalization efforts with Sitecore AI Auto-Personalization
  • Align Marketing and IT teams better to accelerate customer experience success
  • Make your Sitecore development process agile and reduce costs with Containerization, Kubernetes, and .Net core support
  • Tag content to gain deep insight into both known and anonymous visitor behavior
  • Updates to Horizon and Sitecore Experience Accelerators helps for easy site authoring and to maintain workflows better

Sitecore 8.x to Sitecore 10.x

  • No compromise headless
  • Take the experience to new heights by using GraphQL with Sitecore APIs for real-time data exchange between Sitecore and frontend applications
  • Use your enterprise authentication system for single sign-on for Sitecore or social login on your websites
  • Share xDB data, digital assets, and retrieve data from other stores seamlessly through xConnect API
  • Forms and marketing automation features have been completely redesigned for a simplified user experience

Sitecore 7.x to Sitecore 10.x

  • Consistent UI across platforms
  • Acquire the ability to collect all your customer experience data to have a single view of each customer
  • Enable business and marketing teams to test and optimize content and experiences
  • Improved Email Experience Manager with marketing automation capabilities and xDB integrations
  • Embedded device detection

Sitecore 6.x to Sitecore 10.x

  • Ease of use
  • Improved visitor data accuracy
  • Continuously aggregated data with 360-degree analytic view of your customer
  • Seamless digital assets management across system through integration with Sitecore Content Hub platform
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Why Choose Ameex?

Finding a partner is very crucial to every organization’s successful experience with the Sitecore Experience Platform. As a certified and trusted Sitecore Solution Partner, Ameex can help you implement your Sitecore upgrade in the right way. Our team of Sitecore architects and Sitecore certified developers has the skill, capability, and expertise to maximize the value from your Sitecore investments.

Talk to our Sitecore upgrade consultants and get the right guidance for successful Sitecore 10x migration at an optimal cost.

With our Sitecore upgrade consultation, you also get an opportunity to:

  • Revisit your content strategy
  • Re-evaluate your marketing strategy
  • Re-think your customers journeys
  • Identify the content in your CMS that is outdated or ineffective
  • Develop new plans and processes to enable efficient content creation

Our Experts on Why Clients Choose Us for their Upgrade Projects


Ken Lowenberg

Director, Digital Marketing & Technology

"An Upgrade Goes Beyond Just the Technical Aspects – We work with you to enhance -- and sometimes redefine -- digital strategy, fix experience gaps, and build the right digital stack for you to deliver powerful, unified, contextual customer experiences.


Ranga Srinivasan

President & CTO

"We will build you the right digital core – Many cities struggle with complex and disconnected digital ecosystems. This stops you from serving your citizens the way you desire. We build flexible and scalable Sitecore platforms providing seamless experience and high performance. Our goal is to help you support your city’s current and future digital needs.


Delona Lang

Director, Partnership and Customer Success

"Customer-Centric – We put our clients and their customers first when we build your perfect Sitecore-based solutions.


Brett McCoin

Director, Business Development

"Proven Experience – Our Sitecore experts specialize in building easy to use, flexible, and extendable Sitecore applications that empower marketing and technology teams to surpass their digital priorities.






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