Sharepoint Upgrade Services

Upgrading to a new version of SharePoint isn't always an easy task to carry out. While making the big leap over, some changeovers seem a nightmare and we are ready to handle that.

Why Should We Upgrade to SharePoint 2016?

  • Apps for SharePoint
  • Office Web Apps work on mobile devices and are Mobile Compatible
  • Improvements in the workflow
  • Integrated FAST Search
  • Data support for Business Connectivity Services
  • Yammer Integration
  • Community Portal Template
  • Big Data Support
  • Improved Publishing Capabilities through Cross-Site Publishing
  • Improved and Advanced Design Capabilities

Our Approach - SharePoint Upgrade Steps:

  • Planning - Understand the current SharePoint Site Products and analysis about the complexity and customization of the current system
  • Prerequisites - Server and Client Side Prerequisites
  • Pre-Upgrade Activities - Check each and every functionality and consolidate it as Pre-Upgrade Report
  • Upgrade Process
  • Post-Upgrade Activities
  • Conclusion of Upgrade