Platform Assessment

Are you considering a Platform Upgrade or a Change?

We can assess your platform capabilities and provide comprehensive findings that show the maturity level of your platform based on user convenience, reachability, personalization, and ease-of-use and offer a scalable approach to improve your customer journey and deliver best-in-class digital experience.

Unbiased evaluation approach designed to simplify your CMS / DXP selection process

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Initial stakeholder interview

Defining detailed feature & process areas based on the current and future requirements/roadmap

Determine your capabilities (inhouse expertise/ vendors/Infra)

Vendor/Third party integration & Dependent system analysis

Define weightages for parameters / process areas

In-Depth evaluation of shortlisted CMSs across parameters

Weighted summary evaluation of CMS against each process area

Detailed Documentation of our findings

Estimated budget – from licensing to deployment for shortlisted solutions

Here is what is included in our assessment

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    Website Software Version

    Identify whether it is the latest or outdated


    SEO Friendliness

    Check to see if the platform is SEO friendly, and has provision to support the latest Google algorithm updates like Rich Snippets, AMP, HTML Error free, etc.


    Data Privacy

    Check to see if the platform is compliant with data privacy laws like GDPR, etc.


    Omni Channel Experience

    Analyze how much does your platform support omnichannel experience, and check to see if the users are getting frictionless experience across different channels.


    User Analytics

    Verify to see if the Analytics tracking is set up correctly or does the platform support / requires detailed tracking.

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    API Integrations

    The ability to integrate seamlessly with third party tools.


    User Experience Design

    We will understand your business and see if the customer journey and experience is meeting the intent.


    Security Vulnerability

    Look for vulnerabilities and security threats in your website


    Customer Data & Personalization

    We will look at how the customer data is captured and how the platform is using the available information to personalize the content for the users. We will also recommend the personalization scope for the platform.


    Digital Marketing

    We will review the platform’s capability to support ongoing digital marketing activities.

Gain deeper insights to various technologies and identify key platforms that align to your specific needs.