Ameex sees DOUBLE WIN at the Acquia Engage Awards 2018!

Ameex sees DOUBLE WIN at the Acquia Engage Awards 2018!

Acquia Engage awards is an award program that showcases “outstanding examples of Digital Experience Delivery”

[Austin, United States] – October 24th, 2018 – Acquia today announced that Ameex has achieved a “DOUBLE WIN” at the 2018 Acquia Engage Awards under two categories, viz. Pioneer of the Year and Leader of the Pack-Entertainment. The Acquia Engage Awards recognize the world-class digital experiences that organizations are building with the Acquia Platform. 

The winning Projects!

Leader of the Pack - Media and Entertainment: Ring of Honor and Ameex Technologies:

Ring of Honor (ROH) Wrestling is a professional wrestling television series that offers best-in-ring action known for its athleticism and hard-hitting style. Incorporating wrestling, mixed martial arts, and high-flying, ROH provides its dedicated fan base with an exciting show full of athleticism, intensity, and passion. ROH tapped digital transformation firm Ameex to help them analyze potential solutions based on three main factors: technical feasibility, extendibility, and ease of content management. Ameex seamlessly integrated Drupal CMS and Commerce, adding Solr search to help expedite the search process and reduce the load from Drupal database. 

Pioneer of the Year: Mead Johnson and Ameex Technologies:

Mead Johnson is the only global company focused primarily on infant and child nutrition, and its flagship “Enfa” line is the leading infant nutrition brand in the world. Mead Johnson develops and markets more than 70 products in 50-plus countries that help meet the nutritional needs of infants and children. Mead Johnson engaged Ameex to implement a scalable global web platform for its Enfamil line. The team wanted to establish a unified platform to serve more than 40 different global markets, supports direct-to-consumer marketing and helps the organization build progressive profiles of its customers. The new platform would give an opportunity to expand use of personalization technologies, integrate with CRM, CDP, commerce, and ERP systems, and offer an omnichannel experience across its digital properties.

The winning journey!

More than 100 submissions were received from Acquia customers and partners, from which 15 were selected as winners. Nominations that demonstrated an advanced level functionality, integration, performance (results and key performance indicators), and overall user experience advanced to the finalist round, where an outside panel of experts selected the winning projects.

“This year’s Acquia Engage Award nominees show what’s possible when open technology and boundless ambition come together to create world-class customer experiences. They’re making every customer interaction more meaningful with powerful, personalized experiences that span the web, mobile devices, voice assistants, and more,” said Joe Wykes, senior vice president, global channels at Acquia. “We congratulate [Ameex and Mead Johnson and ROH] and all of the finalists and winners. This year’s cohort of winners demonstrated unprecedented evidence of ROI and business value from our partners and our customers alike, and we’re proud to recognize your achievement.”

“Each winning project demonstrates digital transformation in action, and provides a look at how these brands and organizations are trying to solve the most critical challenges facing digital teams today,” said Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing and one of three Acquia Engage Award jurors. Sheryl Kingstone of 451 Research and Sam Decker of Decker Marketing also served on the jury.

About Ameex

Ameex Technologies is a Digital Transformation partner delivering content and personalized commerce solutions, fueling the transformation in digital experiences. We help you build and deliver integrated, optimized user experience across all digital touchpoints, all audiences, with the customer at the center, and throughout the customer engagement journey.

Our approach to digital transformation is one that balances competing priorities and strategies that is much more than just the technologies used. Backed by deep analytics, Ameex delivers content through various platforms (web, mobile, IoT etc..) that are highly scalable and easy to maintain, providing cost-effective solutions that accelerate growth.

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About Acquia

Acquia provides a cloud platform and data-driven journey technology to build, manage and activate digital experiences at scale. Thousands of organizations rely on Acquia’s digital factory to power customer experiences at every channel and touchpoint. Acquia liberates its customers by giving them the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms.

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