Kentico Deployment

Deploying Kentico is a crucial step in the project to get your website up and ready for eCommerce or CMS platform. Because of its importance, your Kentico deployment process should be overseen by a firm that has a great deal of experience with all phases of Kentico CMS development and implementation procedures.

With a strong expertise in the .NET space, our Architects help our clients in a step by step deployment process with continuous monitoring and support. Our deployment process is time tested and we have enabled the same for hundreds of clients. This makes our approach a benchmark in the industry. Being partners with Microsoft and Amazon we bring you the expert Network team at your disposal.

Upon successful deployment, the live Kentico site undergoes a complete testing process and our expert Maintenance team help out to fix the minor bugs and fixes. Post this the site is handed over to the client over a User acceptance testing process and then moved to our Managed services team upon necessity for continuous monitoring and support.

Services offered by Ameex Technologies

With a strong crew of experienced Kentico 11 developers and architects, we make an expert Kentico deployment firm. With a well versed deployment routine we offer a quicker and error free deployment to our clients.

Here's more of what you can expect from Ameex:

  • Installation of your Kentico CMS module
  • IIS server setup and installation
  • Configuration of Kentico software
  • Optimization of Kentico software for your site
  • Installation of .net architecture
  • Faster configuration of multi-site environment, where appropriate
  • Load balancing on servers
  • Implementation of caching mechanisms

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