Grow your audience with integrated Mobile & TV apps

We specialize in building mobile and TV apps that help deliver integrated, personalized viewing experience across the growing number of embedded devices.



Ease of access

Give your audience the choice to watch their favorite TV shows or programs at their convenient time and place. Leverage cloud solutions to cost-effectively deliver video-on-demand (VOD) content to global audiences


Improve audience engagement with personalized content

Enable personalized video content recommendations based on their activity, behavior, and interests. Promote new content and make them engage on your app for a longer time and build loyalty.


Uninterrupted viewing experience

We build apps to handle a large number of traffic and sudden traffic spikes enabling to you deliver an uninterrupted viewing experience for your audience.

Reach global audience

By leveraging the multi-CDN (Content Delivery Network) model, video content can be cached and distributed to several CDN geographical servers and helps you increase your international audience base.


Analyze performance and monetize

Gather deep insights on your audience engagement and behavior, understand the programs that overachieve or underperform, and identify opportunities to increase revenue.


Stay above the competition

With more people adopting smart devices, mobile and TV apps allow you to reach them faster and help stay above the competition.

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Reaching audiences across screens through Mobile & TV apps


Some of the clients we work with

  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Meadjohnson
  • Perrigo
  • Prudential
  • Dell
  • Epilepsy
  • Purdue
  • Racc
  • unief
  • Nation
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