5 ways to Increase Traffic to your website for e-commerce growth!

During this interactive workshop, you will self-assess your brand’s e-commerce presence using simple tools, techniques, and metrics to baseline your brand’s current reach and impressions to find opportunities for improvement and growth.

Presented by Ameex

July 20th, 2021

11 AM EST|2 Hours

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5 ways to Increase Traffic to your website for e-commerce growth! - 20th July, 2021

Commerce today is extremely competitive - we all know that. Being visible to the right audience and making sure your brand is easy to find for potential customers gives you a competitive edge and is the first step to increasing conversions and growing your brand. Ameex’s Workshop on Increasing Traffic will cover the metrics to measure this digital presence and tools and strategies to use for improvement.

In this FREE workshop you will:

  • Learn what digital presence is, how to measure it, and how paid and organic strategies can yield immediate improvements
  • Use industry standard tools to analyze your SEO, paid media, advertising, social media, UX and campaign performance to benchmark your brand’s digital presence today
  • Learn how to interpret the results of these tools to take relevant action to improve
  • Learn how these various factors directly impact traffic to your site
  • Learn common practices and strategies brands use to improve these metrics

After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Continually use these tools to self-assess your sites
  • Self-analyze opportunities for improvement
  • Identify gaps in digital presence
  • Create action plans to improve shortcomings

Our goal is to enable you with the tools to self-assess for long term growth – this workshop will be a hands on and interactive experience.

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Our Trainers

  • karen

    Vimalan Thygarajan

    Director – Digital Transformation

    Vimalan has 20+ years of IT experience in Retail and eCommerce industry working with few of the top 10 retailers in the US.

  • ken

    Matthew Dewoskin

    Digital Marketing Team Lead – SEO Specialist

    Matthew has 10+ years of SEO & Content Strategy experience and has worked with clients ranging from major CPG brands to local 'mom n pop' businesses.

  • joe

    Ravi Ranga

    Data Scientist & Commerce Growth Solutions

    Ravi is a data scientist and works closely with digital experience solutions that leverage AI & ML technologies.