Digital Marketing Strategy

Bringing your marketing strategies to life

Our digital marketing consultants help you to plan and execute data-driven marketing strategies that improves customer experience and boosts your ROI


Planning to Execution – Strategic guidance to hit revenue targets

Whether you want to start a new campaign or improve the performance of your existing campaign, our digital marketing strategists understand the way your market operates, customer persona, and your business goals and create a cohesive and effective campaign strategy that meets the objective quickly. Be it marketing automation, personalization, SEO, paid media, optimization, and testing, we offer strategic guidance to improve its capability to the fullest and drive your customers towards conversion.

Ameex’s holistic digital marketing solution

Ameex’s approach is to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing by creating a cohesive and effective digital strategy that maximizes your ROI.

Digital Marketing

We help you with Paid Media, D2C/Amazon Growth Strategy, SFMC Email Campaign.


We feature technical skills like Website Creation, Mobile App Creation, and 3rd party integrations.

SEO & Content

We help your website speak the same language as Google to make sure you are getting the best ROI from organic search.


We help increase efficiency and conversion with our UX Audit and UI Design.

Data Analytics

We help increase profitability by utilizing our analytics to make the right decision based on data.

DMaaS Audit – Creating new opportunities for business growth

Our digital marketing specialist team can help you to achieve long-term success through an extensive DMaaS (Digital Marketing as a Service) audit, that delivers great value from your investment.

  • Increased Engagement

    We maximize your ROI by our five DMaaS services working together instead of silos.

  • Unified Approach

    Having a DMaaS solution allows to have a unified marketing approach across all channels.

  • Communication Streamlined

    Our DMaaS departments work together to make sure you have one point of contact for multiple services

  • Problem-Solution Approach

    We look at the business goals from a holistic view and provide a full-scale solution.


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Some of the clients we work with

  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Meadjohnson
  • Perrigo
  • Prudential
  • Dell
  • Epilepsy
  • Purdue
  • Racc
  • unief
  • Nation

Plan the right digital marketing campaign to engage your customer better and increase conversions. Talk to our digital marketing consultants today!