Advanced analytics

Get deeper insights from your data

Advanced analytics was conceptualized with the intention of giving business leaders a greater, deeper insight into their data. We make this possible by delivering analytics in a descriptive and a predictive manner

Gartner says that “Data scientists hold the key to unveiling better solutions to old problems”

Ameex has an expert team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers who work in providing those solutions to our clients. Our team has provided solutions in descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics using various machine learning techniques such as clustering, segmentation, modelling, etc.

Our Approach

We follow the below approach for every ML project. Every project is divided into 5 phases (as shown below)


For any ML project to be successful, data is not the only important factor. Before identification of data and its sources, we must understand and define the business problem and successfully map to a machine learning use case. Hence, defining a problem statement and identifying business use case for the same is of foremost importance and is crucial for the success of every ML project. This is the first step in Our Approach.

We have expertise in various ML tools in the market (Enterprise and Open Source), and we leverage the power of those tools to provide cost-effective timely and accurate results, predictions etc. to our clients.

Tools and Languages used


Case Studies