Data Analysis Audit

Unlock the power of data to drive business insights and improve process efficiency

Our data analytics consultants can help you analyze your business’s complete set of data to identify anomalies and trends and help build data-centric business goals to reduce cost and yield better ROI from analytics.


We build an optimal, customized data foundation

Data analytics assessment can provide informed decisions when dealing with business problems. We help you with better advance planning, better risk assessments, and better performance of your business analytics. We drive value to business entities by performing Exploratory Data Analysis, gather required information, validate that information, and present with substantiative actionable conclusions.

Our Data Analytics Assessment Roadmap

  • Define

    Define business problems and align stakeholders

  • sitecore

    Identify the influencing factors

  • zig3

    Consolidate hypothesis & determine data

  • zig5

    Provide EDA and share data results

  • circle

    Build Models & Present outputs.

  • circle

    Gather feedback and fine-tune

Data Analytics Audit

As every business today is building a digital ecosystem, data acts as the main driver to track users’ journey on the web/mobile application. For data to be accurate, there is a need to audit the analytics setup to make sure things are being tracked correctly. We leverage on Web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics and other reporting tools like Tableau, Power BI, Data Studio, etc. to track the user’s journey and tap into personalized offers that generate higher ROI.

Here’s an example of how Ameex performs an audit via the GA Audit Assessment Framework covering 6 aspects:

GA Audit Assessment Framework

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Some of the clients we work with

  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Meadjohnson
  • Perrigo
  • Prudential
  • Dell
  • Epilepsy
  • Purdue
  • Racc
  • unief
  • Nation

Take the first step to building optimized business processes with our data and analytics assessment audit