Subscriber Profiling intelligence helped client increase revenue by 30%

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 06 Nov 2019

Client is a leading publishing company based out of US, primarily dealing with online magazines and email campaigns for various registered brands. Each brand has their stakeholders dealing with client on reporting the important KPIs for their campaigns.


Client wanted to improve their email marketing campaign strategy as they were looking to

monetize the subscriber base, for which they wanted to understand their subscriber pattern and

their behaviour.


  • No mechanism to segment the subscribers
  • Absence of a data framework to store the data of subscribers
  • Absence of dynamic reports which captures the KPIs of the campaigns and the demographic details of the subscribers.

Solution Approach:

  • Ameex developed a solution which extracted and stored data from disparate sources into AWS cloud. An analytical layer was created on top of the cloud based on the business rules and reports were built to display KPIs of email campaigns and the subscriber profile information.
  • Disparate datasets were merged into AWS Cloud using Talend Integration tool, which runs jobs periodically to pull data.
  • Data cleaning was performed using MYSQL and data was brought into relational format.
  • Analytical layer was created on the joined datasets according to the business rules
  • KPIs of the campaign and the subscriber dashboard showing information was displayed using DOMO Visualization tool .

Our Approach



This dashboard includes various features:

  • Drilldown capability and filter to view data related to a few select category(s)
  • View the subscribers by profile and geo locations
  • Dashboard accessible to relevant stakeholders

Business Impact

  • Marketing team of client and associated brand stakeholders understood their potential market and now there is a 30% increase in revenue compared to the previous years.

  •  Active subscriber count has improved since the client has intelligence on the classification of their paid subscribers, enabling them with to target better.

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