Outcome Oriented Agility for a Membership Organization
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The Client

Largest automobile enthusiast organization in the world. Welcomes current and aspiring owners of all the global automobile marque makes and models -- from classics to contemporary cars-- to join their global network. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, the association has more than 25000 members in 85 chapters throughout North America.

Problems with platform, processes and escalating costs

  • Highly unstable digital platform affected member registrations
  • Poor collaboration and communication process between previous implementation vendor and client’s internal stakeholders
  • Delays in fixing issues led to poor user experience and platform performance
  • Delays in overall project completion and escalating maintenance costs

We identified that process was one of their major concern for them though they have lot issues in their current platform. Ameex with its extensive experience in handling several small and large rescue projects developed a detailed transition roadmap based on our outcome-based agile driven implementation methodology.

Going Agile

  • Comprehensive assessment of their platform and business workflows helped in creating detailed workflows for each task which also improved accuracy in estimations of tasks
  • Established clear DevOps process to enable multiple parallel development teams to work and deploy code seamlessly and simultaneously
  • Committed to 4-week timeline for clearing product backlog and achieved ahead of time
  • Improved collaboration through agile driven project management

From planning to delivery, agile methodology made entire process transparent and seamless for all the stakeholders. Though we started with platform stabilization, we are continuously engaging with the client for their critical use cases.

We maintained a sprint burndown and release burn up charts as part of agile management process, which is the graphical representation that shows the rate at which project work is completed and how much work has to be done. This practise ensured on time delivery of projects.

Building Trust Through Repeat Feedback Mechanism

Trust is the base for longer partnership in business. We attained that trust by consistently following the agile practice and through repeat feedback mechanism. We conducted sprint retrospective and sprint review meetings at end of each sprints to reflect on how they were doing, identify better ways to improve and make plans for executing these improvements.


Ongoing Engagement

Though our engagement with the organization started with stabilizing their digital platform. We soon expanded into providing solutions for their critical use cases which was fixed in four sprints. Client saw value in following the agile methodology and has entrusted us re-engineer their overall digital ecosystem, develop personalization capabilities and make it more innovation friendly

Increasing Membership Retention

Retaining members is key for any membership driven organization. There might be chances of losing business if members failed to renew once their term period ends. Ameex built a new “Auto Renew” functionality, which made it easy for existing members to continue with their membership without having to go over the entire renewal process.


Auto Renew functionality immediately started delivering results


Other outcomes delivered

  • value-icon2CRM

    Stabilized their customer relationship management platform which had lot of functional and technical issues

  • value-icon2Collaboration & Communication

    Significantly improved collaboration and communication process with customer’s internal stakeholders

  • value-icon2Turn around time

    Significantly reduced Turnaround time for building new features

  • value-icon2Proactive Identification

    Proactively identified business critical issues and helped resolved them

  • value-icon2Timely Sprint Incremental Delivery

    Ensure Timely Sprint Based Incremental Delivery for all enhancements & Maintenance

  • value-icon2Outcome Driven Engagement

    Outcome Driven Engagement with focus on Platform Stability and Timeline

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