Insights on user activities helped client to increase their campaign effectiveness

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 06 Nov 2019

Client is a leading insurance and risk management services provider for many educational institutes- school, colleges and universities. The institutes range from small private schools to large public universities.


  • The client has a large amount of data stored in disparate manner across multiple locations- Google Analytics, Salesforce, TechCanary etc…
  • There was a need for effective consumption of the data to measure the performance of their owners/ stakeholders’ websites
  • There was also a need for intelligence on the effectiveness of email campaigns and the response of the customers towards the same


  • Absence of a proper data infrastructure to capture and store data in one place
  • Absence of a proper consumption layer to give insights on the performance of websites and email campaigns

Solution Approach:

Ameex developed a complete BI Infrastructure which enabled our client to pull data from the disparate sources and store it in a centralized location. We have also developed the dashboards to capture the KPIs related to website visits and email campaign performance.

A high-level approach is shown below

  • Data was extracted from six different sources- Google Analytics, Salesforce, Hootsuite, Tech Canary, Silverpop, Aventri using custom APIs.
  •  Data transformation / cleaning was carried out to have it in the relational format
  •  Data was then loaded into MySQL database, which is a centralized location.
  •  Dashboards were developed on Tableau to showcase the website tracking metrics, email campaign performance metrics and sentiments of customers

Our Approach:


Business Impact:

  • Conversion rate and user activities can be tracked using dashboards thereby stakeholders can get intelligent insights on site traffic and user engagement which helps in their campaign strategies

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