Helped a B2B technology retailer to standardize and optimize their data management initiatives

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 15 May 2020

The client is one of the largest B2B technology resellers in the US, offering services in more than 1,000 technology brands.


The client wants to set a data management process to efficiently manage the data flow and maintain consistency in business attribute definitions with minimal duplication of efforts.


  • Lack of proper data management channel affects the analytics initiative of the company
  • Automation the documentation process is one of the key challenges they are facing
  • Effort duplication


  • Our data engineering team devised logical flow to optimize the process
  • Remedial action was taken to manage file size by dropping proxy / un-used attributes, compressing techniques, validations, and error handling
  • Continuously monitored the utilization of the temporary space in SAS environment, which helped in smooth execution of projects and faster access to data
  • Transferred data and existing processes from a DB server to a SQL one
  • Automated the periodic reporting process


  • Client was able to leverage the power of data for key decision making and was able to build advanced analytics models
  • Continuous monitoring helped in faster access to data across departments
  • Process automation streamlined the process and reduced the man-hours 

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