Helped a leading pharma client to hasten their decision making by leveraging the power of cloud

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 27 Apr 2020

The client is a leading pharmaceutical company based in the United States.


The client wanted to streamline their data management process by bringing in optimal tech stack for processing Petabytes of data, a better process for data sharing, and enable higher consumption of data across the organization.


  • The current tech stack had a higher processing cost and the speed was not in the expected lines, due to which the client was not able to leverage the power of ML models to the fullest
  • Scalability was a challenge in the current system, accessibility and data sharing was one of the key challenges 
  • The current system was not able to handle the volume of data
  • Data was stored in silos posing challenges for business for a common taxonomy 

Technology Proposed

  • AWS-Migrate identified sources on AWS and build DevOps capabilities
  • Snowflake-Cloud Datawarehouse to host seamless data 
  • Data Consumption- Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks, Data IKU


  • Explored 10+ cloud technologies, performing quick POV’s demonstrating scalability and effort distribution
  • Initiated data pipeline build using AWS, Snowflake and Talend 
  • Enabled all legacy system migration into snowflake along with analytics consumption using Tableau, Jupyter Hub, Data IKU, Analytical data marts 

Business Impact

  • Data enablement hastens decision making and workforce is now able to meet objectives around customer engagement through rich analytical solutions
  • Business teams were able to focus on Insights /customer engagement rather than data enablement. 
  • Cost efficiency was realized, and data consumption helped the client realize new market revenues
  • Several data products and applications rolled out in a short span
  • Seamless integration and data sharing achieved enabling cross-functional insight generation
  • Scalable cloud platform reduces data silos and easy adoption by end-users

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