Business intelligence dashboard helped client understand effectiveness of campaigns

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 06 Nov 2019

Client is a liability insurance and risk management service provider to schools and colleges. The client wanted to track various metrics and get actionable insights on daily basis using Tableau & SQL Server.

Current State:

  • Data from different data sources (Salesforce, Google analytics, Silverpop, Hootsuite, Techcanary,  eTouches) are extracted in flat files and reports are generated manually.


  • · A holistic view is not presented as the reports and data storage are currently fragmented.
  • · Fragmentation is creating a lot of manual process.

Future state:

  • Data extraction, data profiling, data transformations to be done with the ETL process (Extract, transform and load).
  • Automated ETL jobs to extract data from various data sources.
  • Schedule data transformation process before loading into data warehouse/data mart.
  • Integrated dashboards that provide a holistic view of the business.

Business impact:

  • Helps to understand the effectiveness of the digital campaigns.
  • Holistic view of the business helps in making better decisions.



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