Why You Should Run Your Episerver Site on Azure Storage

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Episerver is a user-friendly, flexible, and dynamic CMS that enables its users to deliver content through a single, all-in-one interface. With Episerver, you get flexibility, advanced cloud capabilities, and reliability concerning eCommerce and digital marketing for your content. And since you don’t need to hold and maintain any data center, Episerver streamlines your workforce. When teamed up with a secure cloud storage solution, such as Azure Storage, you get the freedom to scale and design the best possible customer experience.

As one of the finalists at the Episerver Ascend Awards, Ameex introduces the benefits of integrating Episerver with Azure Storage.

Introducing Episerver

If you have a business that operates in several countries, Episerver is a CMS that can share your content with customers across the globe. Whether your business is managed by multiple editors and uses multiple languages, with its wide variety of backend features and integrations, Episerver offers a simple yet powerful interface that will address all of your needs. By using it, as a marketer or an editor, you can both create and experience content, see how your customers see it, providing you with precious insights that should drive your business decisions.

  • Intuitive UI and ease of use, combined with many of their features, makes Episerver a favorite amongst .NET developers and editors.
  • The platform is designed to meet high standards regarding security. Episerver follows OWASP security guidelines and offers various possibilities to manage authentication and authorization in a content management environment.
  • With their cloud services, Episerver is a cost-efficient solution when it comes to implementing and managing websites in a multi-site environment. Cloud services in Episerver are built allowing for flexible site management in your hosting environment, with many built-in features that can support cloud deployment.
  • Not many vendors offer a commerce platform and seamless content. Episerver can be easily integrated with other systems as there is enough space designed to handle the integrations.

Running Episerver on Azure Storage

Episerver users can leverage Azure Storage capabilities, such as auto-patching, self-healing, elastic scale, and many others to build the content and brand that will propel their business forward. The first step of your digital transformation is moving your digital presence to the cloud – a resource that will allow your customers to experience the benefits of AI and derive value out of their digital assets.

How to Deploy Episerver CMS to Azure

To set up an Episerver CMS on Azure, you need:

  • Registration on Azure Management Portal
  • Specific cloud-enabled license from the Episerver License Center
  • Use SQL Azure and ensure that each add-on and product planned to be used on the website has support for SQL Azure
  • Every deployed module and app must be designed for cloud

Once you have all the requirements in check, you can proceed to create an Episerver website in Visual Studio. Create Azure resources (Azure website, Azure storage, and set up a Service Bus), update configuration, deploy, change the site URL, and create admin/edit user.

The Episerver/Azure integration allows you to leverage different advanced technologies, such as chat bots, advanced roadmaps and architecture, and cognitive content. You can greatly benefit from running an Episerver website on Azure storage.

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