Top 5 Web Application Development Trends in 2019

Top 5 Web Application Development Trends in 2019

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 05 Jun 2019

It seems that every year brings with it new ideas, fresh initiatives, and out-of-the-box innovations, and 2019 is no different. When we look at technology, everything is unpredictable. Businesses are right to call this environment of rapid change as being VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). 

Advancements and breakthroughs in technology continuously surprise and shift the way business is done. The digital revolution shows no signs of slowing down - if anything, it's accelerating. Ordinary people, programmers, and developers alike are more excited than ever to see what the latest languages, frameworks, and updates will bring.

Regarding web application development, several trends appear to take center stage in 2019. Here are the top five such predictions for the upcoming year that you need to keep your eye on. 

Progressive Web Apps

Even though the progressive web apps (PWA) have been trending in years prior; in 2019 they will only pick up more steam. These modern web applications load like any other web page but provide a high level of functionality, similar to a native app. One benefit is that they load instantly, can work even if the user is offline, and there are no cache issues.

They are also safer because they are served via HTTP, they're user-friendly, easily-shareable via their URLs, and can re-engage users with web push notifications. All of these features can significantly enhance existing web technologies. 

AI, ML, and Personalization

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and personalization will also play a key role in web application development going forward. Up until relatively recently, we've all looked at AI and ML as a sort of mechanic operation, taking large chunks of data-sets and providing analysis based on them.

But with the appearance of Javascript based machine learning libraries, adding machine learning into the web application is becoming increasingly accessible. With these functionalities, web developers can now leverage AI to enhance better and personalize the user experience of their apps. 

The Prevalence of JavaScript 

As the preferred programming language for six years in a row, JavaScript has evolved to include Vue JS, React and Angular as part of its frameworks. With these enhanced capabilities, more and more developers are coming to grips with the excellent potential available.

Even better is that people are creating their open-source components, libraries, designs, and documentation for others to use freely. It should come as no surprise that JavaScript is the developers' top pick when it comes to language, providing enhanced power and flexibility. 

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing allows developers to focus on their coding without having to worry about things like deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and server scaling. With just a few clicks, you can hook up an application to any company's serverless offerings and deploy the app. Optimization is automated, regardless of the type of data serviced by always using the best resources to ensure scalability, affordability, and speed. 


With more and more digitization, web application security will be given special attention in the following years. Nevertheless, this is an uphill battle with no visible end in sight. It is a battle that needs to be fought on every front, with individuals, businesses, industries, and communities strengthening their security system to protect their databases, private data, and servers from nefarious actors. 

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