Virtual Patient Engagement in the Pandemic

Virtual Patient Engagement in the Pandemic

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 28 Apr 2020

Digital communication channels were often considered by many to cause addictive, compulsive social media disorders among humans. Little did we realize they would now be such powerful, virtual means of patient engagement. In fact, they are now the primary communication channel between patients and health care personnel. More so, in these trying days of the COVID-19 pandemic; it is the digital communication channels that not only aid in reaching out to patients irrespective of location, but also saving millions of lives.

Going Digital in Health and Pharma

Enabling speedy responses to patient needs using sustained, scaled-out digital technology brings consistent patient outcomes across health care industry entities, products, and supply chains.

It is critical and high time at this juncture for the health care and pharma industry to embark on digital communication and telemedicine as a new norm for patient engagements. Whether during pandemics, emergencies or otherwise, patients, disabled, senior citizens, and the likes mandatorily require engagements & services rendered at the comforts of their homes/dwellings. The key lies in bringing in seamless, digital patient experiences through intelligent health care products and entirely digitized services.

Digitalized Clinical Trials

Swiftly introducing tested, reliable, and duly authorized health care & drugs to the market is vital!!!

Digitalized Clinical Trials form the fundamental health care process to rapidly bring out life-saving drugs and health care to the market as compared to manual Clinical trials. Industry leaders have always and will always be those who rightly invest in digital Clinical trials for better insight-driven, efficient, and fast patient outcomes.

Virtual Mobility Patient Engagements

Just pick your mobile, and reach out, it is as easy as that!!!

One of the most powerful virtual digital communications, the Mobility platform, has come in as a boon to both patients and health care experts. With challenging pandemic and lockdowns, patients would not be able to venture out of their homes even for medical emergencies. Paramedics and clinical personnel can use various mobility communication models to rapidly communicate with patients at their homes:

Mobile Apps or Simply Text Message

  • Quickly programming and configuring Apps or just directly text messaging by patients and clinical experts is one such channel. These Apps/text messages are a handy tool within the Smart Phones/ipads/tabs etc. The Apps can be programmed and customized for quick, direct communication between patients and clinical experts during medical emergencies or otherwise too
  • Helpful features such as drug/medicine refill reminders can be done through text messaging or auto-configured within these apps
  • Alerts and reminders for medical and clinical engagement schedules can also be text messaged or easily performed/configured within apps
  • One of the best utilities of using apps or text messages is health tutoring of patients through health care experts via the mobility devices
  • Text messaging also has an added advantage of acquiring precious resource referrals

Live Video Chatting

Patients no more require direct clinical premises visit for clarifications with health care personnel. Live video chatting is a powerful telemedicinal tool, that runs on an audio-video communication app accessed via mobile phones, tabs, ipads, etc. Patients can easily, interactively video chat with doctors, nurses, and health care experts to clarify their health issues, receive live audio-video instructions.

Clinical Support through Telephone

Until recently, Clinical Call Centres were widely being considered and more widely used by hospitals, nursing homes, and other health center staff for follow up with patients, product-related support provision, and related marketing activities.

However, in the patient perspective, it has been only during medical emergencies and more so during these difficult days of COVID-19 pandemic, the vital utility of clinical call centers has been realized by patients.  When patients increasingly buy and start using various medical products such as medical and testing kits, they realize the importance of their support services during emergencies.

Empowered Digital Learning Modules

One of the best utilities of medical and pharmaceutical product/service-learning modules has been in digitizing them and making them available on the cloud, online. Medical/pharma product manufacturers nowadays have realized their promising potential. They have started conducting virtual learning sessions to medical staff who may be located even across the globe using the Internet and other digital communications media. Such learning modules have numerous advantages:

  • Health care staff can be provided with experiential learning of vital medical products
  • Such learning modules enhance patient and medical staff engagement and retention of customers
  • Last but not the least, patient health care outcomes are augmented multi-fold through these digital learning modules

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