Top 10 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

  • Gives a consistent user experience.
  • Makes day-to-day business easier. The most common business activities like signature approval, document review and approval, and issue tracking can all be initiated, monitored, and reported on right out of the box with Sharepoint. 
  • Satisfies regulatory requirements. Sensitive business data can be managed effectively through the use of settings in Sharepoint which control security, storage usage, auditing capabilities, and expiration policies, all of which can be synchronized with compliance standards.
  • Manage and reuse content. Content can be prepared and scheduled for publication on specific websites on the Internet or intranet, and multi-lingual content can also be managed by processes that maintain the relationship between original content and translated content.
  • Simplify business data access. Sharepoint allows users to create simplified views of complex data without including unnecessary information. Whatever users are comfortable with can be tailored for their specific usage to make their jobs easier.
  • Connect employees with information and expertise. Sharepoint's 'enterprise search' function marries business data to information about people, web pages, and documents.
  • Speed up shared business processes. Forms-driven solutions can be used to collect critical business information from suppliers, customers, and partners directly from a web browser. Because data validation rules are built-in, accurate data can be fed to systems on the back end so as to avoid duplicate entry.
  • Securely share sensitive information. Employees can access interactive Excel spreadsheets which are running on Sharepoint. Using single, centralized versions of these spreadsheets, and proprietary information within can be protected even while multiple users are accessing.
  • Empower employees for decision-making. Business intelligence portals can be created by employees which draw information from diverse sources and display it in dashboards, scorecards, web parts, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to make business decision-making much easier.
  • Provide integrated platform. The open architecture of Sharepoint allows for easy integration of technologies such as extensible markup language (XML), and  simple object access protocol (SOAP), and it provides numerous robust application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as many event handlers for documents and lists. Altogether, Sharepoint provides for integration with your existing systems and the flexibility to include new applications in the future.

Sharepoint consultants

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