The State of Digital Transformation in Pharma Industry

The State of Digital Transformation in Pharma Industry

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 14 Jul 2020

In today’s pharma and health care industry, digital transformation is the in-thing to precisely drill out all existing data sources.  It has benefitted Pharma and R&D Enterprises greatly by embracing the implementation of innovative digital technologies. Converting Enterprises into a holistic digital plant has been possible through the implementation of big data and predictive digital analytics model into every operational model and work-cultures. Groundbreaking digital transformations have facilitated enhanced productivity, leveraging Artificial Intelligence for compound screening and rapid drug manufacturing, and increased patient outcomes.

The sheer size of data being handled by pharma Enterprises in today’s fast-paced world seems to be augmenting multi-fold on an everyday basis.  The current scenario of high-volume data processing is forcing pharma companies to rapidly construct enterprise digital competencies.  Pharma companies in today’s tech-savvy world are looking ahead of their conservative routine IT functions across their departments.

Governing guidelines, regulatory best practices

Across the globe, governments are displaying a keen interest in promoting digital capability adoption, especially the pharma MNCs.  For instance, the FDA of the US Federal Govt. has launched the model program within the scrutiny of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).  It has recommended Agencies, pharma distribution, and supply chains to put in place solid, digitized safety and security protocols and procedures.  The sole intent of DSCSA is, even before any law is being enacted, to augment and ensure safety and security across the pharma supply chain management.

Streamlining supply chain with Blockchain

The best example of novel digital technologies for pharma companies is the Blockchain software. The Blockchain is basically a digital ledger with robust entry and bookkeeping capabilities for chronologically ordered blocks of digital records and transactional logs.  Blockchain offers the following advantages:

  • Perfect system for tracking stocks and supplies
  • Guarantee the end-to-end need for record and data storage
  • Ensure that supplies and goods are safe and not tampered

Digital analytics for process improvement

One of the fantastic examples of digital data inter operations and communications is that of GE Healthcare with Amgen.  This collaboration has been promoted by companies to leverage powerful digital analytics tools.

Digital analytics tools can throw a clear light in comparing variable raw material supply with time and their impact on the manufacturing process. Pharma companies and their partners across the supply chain can now use the aid of digital analytics to confirm reliable and expectable manufacturing processes.

However, it must be ensured by the collaborators that there is a smooth, undisturbed exchange of data across not just their departments, but also between the partners.

Proactive, predictive Pharma products

Off late, many pharma companies have tapped on the powerful predictive potentials of digital analytics to focus their manufacturing efforts on “most futuristic need” products.

The intent of such endeavors is to use powerful analytics-based tools to proactively predict what will be the market demand and tap the advantages of being the first entrant into the market.

An end-to-end digital enterprise

Creating a wholesome ‘Digital Enterprise’ requires an entire gamut of technology tools to be implemented within the organizational framework:

  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)     

Following are the primary advantages of implementing a holistic ‘Digital Enterprise’:                                                                        

  • The best advantage of operating a holistic digital enterprise is in cost-cutting and efficiency
  • Advanced Robotics driven process for compact ergonomic hazards.  For example, using robots to lift stocks
  • Real-time digital analytics greatly augments product and service quality right from the start of the manufacturing process.  Companies need not have to unnecessarily rely on redundant testing
  • Furthering to these, digital analytics and robotics driven enterprises display a more mature set of operations and can be efficiently and easily implemented within no time

Virtual Reality Augmented

Digital pharma experts have deemed Augmented Virtual Reality as the ‘future of manufacturing’.  It is not restricted to just fantastic pharma productivity, patient outcomes, or customer satisfaction alone.  Augmented Reality goes way beyond into implementation of application tools in every industry vertical:

  • Razor-sharp virtual visualization of the production process, without even the physical presence of front line manpower
  • AI tools aid is precise model making, thus aiding pharma manufacturers to detect intricate flaws and modify their overall manufacturing process
  • Saving millions in cost, by putting to use Data Analytics, AI, and machine learning integrations

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