Technology disruption in Pharma

Technology Disruption in the Pharma industry

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 28 Apr 2020

It is Digital Disruptions that Drive Outstanding Patient Outcomes!!!

Digital technology is more of a standard that consultants and experts across industrial verticals are looking up to. Healthcare and pharma industry are no exceptions to catch up. Well into the 3rd decade of the millennium, telehealth, digital technology, and communication is the new normal when it comes to day to day enterprise operations.

Healthcare and pharma have long been industries with iron-clad governing and regulatory norms in place for numerous decades. Hence for pharma and healthcare, telehealth, digitization, and digital communication are end-to-end disruption. The new digital techno communications normal have affected not just interactions with patients but also the way treatment is being rendered, ultimately revolutionizing patient outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and 3D Printing

Telehealth is ‘the’ right disruption for outstanding health care deliveries!!!

Terms such as Artificial intelligence (AI) and Big data are not mere technology words. Experts feel they are here to stay forever evolving multifold.

Industry experts feel that these 3 digital communications and technology innovations would form the core of how healthcare and pharma products and services are rendered to patients.

3D printing is another disruptive digital technology that is high time health care and pharma industry leverages. It is increasingly being used for simulated customizations for artificial intelligence applications, prosthetics, and drug manufacturing-related applications. These are the savvy digital technologies that are entirely transforming the way drugs are produced.

Catching up with these Disruptions

Implementing digitization and telehealth are mandatory imperatives for best patient outcomes!!!

It is now time for pharma and drug manufacturers to catch up with technology innovations and find ways products are developed with safety as a priority. Experts feel that with evolving digital technology landscape, pharma and drug manufacturers understand their importance as the new competitive benchmark for better productivity and patient outcomes.

Pharmacovigilance and Innovative Digital Applications

No more difficulties in patient engagements!!!

Evolution of pharmacovigilance as a scientific, industrial norm for in-depth study, management, and finding adverse effects of drugs has been in practice for multiple decades now.  It is recently that over the past decade that AI, Big data, Internet-of-Things, and related audio-video technological developments have disrupted and hugely impacted pharmacovigilance procedures.

The millennial world has been witnessing pharmacovigilance as a huge, oceanic, an entirely digital technology disrupted, intelligent, insightful scientific practice within the pharma industry. Pharmacovigilance now is enabled with automated round-the-clock procedures, delivering continuous patient data monitoring, timely escalations, and better health care responses and patient outcomes.

Revolutionary Drug and Patient Data Collection Methods

  • Innovative digital data collection technologies are increasingly being used for easy patient biometric data collection through mobile sensors
  • Latest social listening technology has become popular among medical practitioners for patient feedbacks pertaining to the drugs they are using
  • Latest, more cost-efficient digital methods of patient safety monitoring techniques such as language processing utilities and related algorithms greatly reduce manual intervention. They thus facilitate completely digitized, automated patient data search for better data collection efficiency, timely disease detection and escalate for diagnosis

AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Data Analytics in Drug Research and Development

Numerous pharmaceutical enterprises are considerably pouring their money and capital in developing high tech digital drug research, innovation and development programs.

  • Machine Learning and advanced data analytics easily optimize during the R&D phase. They aid in developing ideal drug compositions and design. Drugs thus developed are highly commercially viable pharma products
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies greatly aid in automating clinical trial process, drug development process and ingredient reduction
  • The AI technologies can thus bring about innovative drug development transformations and outcomes in a positive way

Innovative Digital Disruptions in Drug Research and Development

Simulating the patient and physicians’ need in the right digital way!!!

  • Virtual Reality is increasingly being used by health care and medical practitioners for patient’s physiological process-visualizations, compound modeling, etc.  These are considered by experts as revolutionary innovations being increasingly used for:
    • Teaching students
    • Making patients understand their physiology as well as;
    • Negotiating and convincing stakeholders and investors
  • Concept VR Modelling previously used only in science fiction movies to display future scientific possibilities has now become practical realities used by many scientists
  • Digital Pills are another revolutionary concept to become an in-thing as a patient health monitoring outside hospital or clinic premises.  These greatly help physicians in:
    • Supporting the pharmacovigilance group by instant reporting of adverse effects of drugs on patients as well as;
    • Reality checks and monitoring of patients’ drug regime to check if they have really consumed it
  • Powerful, Ad-hoc Reporting Utilities are increasingly aiding Managers and decision-makers in drug manufacturing enterprises on their drug’s effectiveness on patients through their rapid report mobilization utilities. They also help Managers detect early any possible problems and eradicate them totally before they escalate
  • Big Data and Language processing are hugely impacting the way valuable information is extracted from massive mines of research data at amazing speeds for more efficient and effective drug development that deliver real patient outcomes

AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Data Analytics in Pharma Marketing

AI, ML, and Data Analytics have shown the ground-breaking extent to which health care and pharma can bring about patient engagements that are profound and result oriented.

  • Data Collection and Analytics is one major area that pharma enterprises are hugely investing their capital
    • Data analytics and reporting applications have revolutionized and driving algorithms to be written literally around every prescription to churn out intricate, to-the-minute patient journey reports
    • Marketers can access each patients’ information, even before or ‘now’ they turn up for appointments
  • Novel, advanced communication channels have emerged for patient, Medical practitioners’ and HCP engagements
  • For White Space and called-on marketing, social media and KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) have emerged as the supreme bet for outstanding pharma ROIs

Pharma on Cloud

The best technology bet to speed up Clinical Trials, Drug Development and R&D!!!

Even though considered a late entrant, the pharma industry has found Cloud technology as its key growth driver:

  • To wield an infrastructure that is easily and instantly standards-compliant, cost-effective, agile
  • In parallel, the Cloud offers technology the amount of uncompromising security which is the most sensitive aspect of the pharma industry

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