Unifying Content & Campaigns Using Sitecore & Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 13 Jun 2019

As many of us know, Salesforce is the industry's leading CRM platform. Not only that, but it also offers a whole suite of email, intelligence, advertising capabilities as well. It has been helping marketers around the world better understand their customers, engage, and personalize their experiences across multiple platforms. It has helped companies devise and improve their strategies over the years.

Sitecore, on the other hand, had been named by Forrester as the top Web Content Management System (CMS) in 2018. In large part, this is a result of its commitment to creating seamless and individualized customer experiences, but also due to their "full embrace of Azure deployment, a return to midmarket focus, partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and an acquisition of a digital asset management (DAM) provider.”   

In a sense, it would seem it would be somewhat natural for the leading CRM and CMS platforms to join forces and provide their users unmatched customer experience. 

Using Sitecore & Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketers today are increasingly data-driven. But to perform in an ever more competitive market, they also need the necessary power and tools to deliver to their customers. The ability to unify their content and campaigns under the same roof allows them to do that. By using Sitecore and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers are far better positioned to deliver end-to-end and highly personalized experiences to every customer, regardless of where they are in their buyer's journey. 

Traditionally, marketers have been using Sitecore as a means of enhancing and optimizing the user experience over the entire website. They could easily analyze and present the right kind of content to every customer. Similarly, content creators using Sitecore could publish their content wherever they wanted including the website, smart device, app, etc. 

With Salesforce, on the other hand, marketers were using its many robust features to email, mobile, and digital advertising capabilities to devise and implement their marketing campaigns.

When the two marketing platforms came together, marketers could customize and enhance every piece of content to best fit the overall campaign, heightening every customer's overall experience, in the process. Businesses can streamline their entire digital marketing process, get faster time-to-market, while their teams access images and content to power smarter, more relevant and effective campaigns. All of this is possible over every touchpoint or device, be it mobile devices, email, web, social media, and other such digital channels. 

According to Ryan Donovan, EVP, Product Management, Sitecore “Delivering the first phase of the integration between Sitecore and Salesforce signals a new opportunity for our mutual customers to efficiently create and deploy marketing campaigns. With Sitecore Connect and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers don’t have to think about how to integrate Sitecore-managed assets into their Salesforce email campaigns—it’s conveniently there and ready for them to use.” 

Similarly, Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud said that “Companies have to transform the way they engage with customers that have come to expected tailored experiences across every touchpoint. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sitecore, users are able to better understand customer interactions across all channels—now including websites--and optimize marketing campaigns in order to enhance the complete customer journey.”


All Sitecore content is now available and directly accessible on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Most tasks involve simple drag-and-dropping content into emails and templates with a few clicks. Businesses can create and deliver multilingual and multicultural material for campaigns, relevant around the globe. Last but not least, every piece of content is fresh, relevant, and correctly created for every customer based on their buyer's journey.

Ameex will help you leverage both Sitecore and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allowing you to take advantage of all the marketing benefits that this integration has to offer. Contact us today and let's get started on this journey together!