Taking the headache out of content governance with Sitecore

Taking the headache out of content governance with Sitecore

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 19 Feb 2019

Content governance refers to a set of guidelines that determine how a company’s content gets created and published. Its purpose is to streamline the entire operation of content creation and distribution, increasing the chance that your customers will see it.

Content governance has been giving headaches to managers from the banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and many other industries for an extremely long time. What’s more, efficient solutions have been short to follow. At least this was the case until the development of Sitecore and its customized services.

Sitecore helps in delivering a great experience to your customers across a vast number of devices and channels while complying with continuously changing data privacy regulations, governmental accessibility requirements, and corporate policies.

How has Content Management been managed in the past?

Both content management and governance are services and practices that shouldn't focus strictly on avoiding expensive problems that may pop up on your channels and platforms. Content management and governance are about more than that, and Sitecore services can help put things in a better managerial perspective. It helps in improving the customer experience while complying to regulations. 

Through customizable user security and workflows, Sitecore manages to offer total control over who and where content is created. All is done while making it easy to comply with evolving data regulations, thus ensuring a great customer experience while resting easy at night.

How can Sitecore services help your business?

Sitecore offers a broad range of services tailored for industries such as banking, financial, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and many more. But how does it apply to your business correctly?

Using highly-customized user security and workflow, Sitecore gives complete control over the entire content creation process, at the same time making it easy to comply with constantly-evolving data.

What is the key benefit of Sitecore?    

You'll be free to focus on managerial and business activities and to concentrate on how to offer a better experience to your clients, customers, and partners, without worrying that a disaster may happen at night, or when you are away from your office. With Sitecore services, content governance comes without headaches. 

Digital strategy and content governance go hand in hand

Why worry that something can go wrong when top industry leaders are already using simple customized solutions? 
Today, modern organizations operate in a fast-paced environment and things can go out of hand very fast, very often.  It also applies when companies are pushing digital content to their users. Not only does it have to be quick, but it also needs to be a guided process.

Although we tend to forget about governance and all related functions at the beginning of a project, these aspects cannot be avoided in the long term. Sooner or later, it will be proven to be more sustainable to ensure the highest velocity of content generation to content dissemination throughout the process. 

It's not about how it looks, but what it does

Content governance is not the prettiest of processes, but without a doubt, it's one of the most effective. Sitecore's solutions will get rid of all those unexpected problems caused by the entire content governance process and will let you concentrate on your business goals.

If you are interested in finding out more about content governance, be sure to contact our specialized consultants.