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New Trends in Business Automation

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

By 2020, 20% of organizations that used RPA will have replaced it with another tool, either for a lower total cost of process or improved straight-through processing. - Gartner Research

Robotic process automation tools cut costs, eliminate keying errors, speed up processes and link applications. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must understand the differences in technical functionality of RPA tools to select the right software platform.

Business automation is not a new concept. Organizations and companies have been improving the way they operate for decades. A shift in how they achieve and implement automation is, however, undergoing significant changes. In the past, manual technologies and automation advancements — think assembly lines, mass production techniques, and other human-directed processes — have led the way in how business operations are conducted.

In the past decade, global markets have witnessed a dramatic shift in automation that relies on AI-enhanced technologies to power through the age of digital transformation. Increasingly, businesses are relying on technology to replace manual processes. Implementing technology brings increased efficiency, effectiveness, and better decision making for a wide range of practices once bogged down by repetitive tasks and applications.

For increased sustainability and competitiveness, more businesses are turning to AI and machine learning technologies to automate operations. In doing so, many companies and organizations are relying on trusted professional partners to assess needs and assist in implementing a variety of technologies. Complex business process management (BPM) automation is best achieved through skilled and knowledgeable experience that assures smooth transformations and uninterrupted operations.

Business Want Change

Nearly 80% of businesses report that BPM automation is a driving consideration in their plans for digital transformation and adoption of AI-enhanced technologies. From internal processes to customer interaction events, automation is among the top concerns for managers pressed to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition to the operations advantages, businesses are increasingly acknowledging the need for automation as a key element in maintaining relativity and competitiveness in a changing market. Successful BPM automation plays a key role in increasing both concerns.

Automation that accomplishes smooth business operations and increased efficiency play a key role in other areas such as improved customer experiences, brand recognition, and marketing efforts. Data analytics achieved through the use of automated processes and AI technologies lead to expedited and actionable solutions to every business challenge. Beyond the benefits of optimization, automation fulfills an emerging concern.

Agility is Key

Even more important than efficiency, agility is the emphasis for many companies and organizations making the shift to digital and AI-technology based automation. Compatibility with a variety of platforms along with cross-industry interaction — especially in the context of B2B commerce — demands flexibility and adaptability. Businesses that focus solely on optimization will eventually stagnate against the fast-paced changes of the digital market.

An agile business is one that discovers innovation and functionality in any situation and has the ability to apply effectively it to both internal and external practices. BPM automation allows rapid development, testing, and deployment of both technology and practices that can elevate businesses and organizations in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

Improving Customer Experiences

More than ever, automation of business practices is a necessary pursuit. As the digital transformation envelops entire industries and small and large businesses alike, implementing AI-technologies as part of effective automation can be the difference between success and decline.

Give your business the best possible opportunity to forge ahead through the transition. Rely on an experienced partner that can help develop automation solutions and implement technology that will keep your business competitive.

With Ameex professionals at your side, diving into a new world of automation and change is easier than ever.