Reaching audiences across screens through Mobile & TV apps

Reaching audiences across screens through Mobile & TV apps

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 22 Dec 2020

With apps providing ease of access and the ability to deliver a personalized experience for users, businesses should think of leveraging them for future success.

For media and entertainment businesses, reaching fragmented audiences who were spread across hundreds of screens and devices is a big challenge. They need to pick the right media delivery combination to increase penetration and audience reach. Additionally, with the growing demand for over-the-top entertainment, businesses are stepping up their game to offer streaming services across screens and devices. Getting there however means overcoming the challenges associated with having the right delivery mechanisms with a combination of Mobile and TV Apps. Further, the availability across devices and platforms has become a necessity for a unified customer experience and to further increase the customer base.

Mobile and TV apps we built for a leading media and entertainment company 

As online streaming of shows gained huge popularity among digital audiences, a leading media and entertainment company that holds subscription-based live-streaming and video-on-demand services for US and international audiences approached us to increase their audience base through mobile and TV apps.

Our app development team worked with the customer and provided an app strategy to cover their audience and increase penetration. The apps were working in-line with the website and we extended all of its capabilities to the apps.

Apps we developed

Android App 
iOS App 
Android TV App 
Apple TV 
Roku TV App 
Amazon Fire TV App (currently in development)

Together with all the apps, they were able to reach a sizeable audience and deliver a multichannel experience.


As connected TV continues to grow in pace and media delivery, extending audience reach through in-home TV apps will be a great channel for businesses.

If you want to learn about new streaming opportunities to reach your audiences, get in touch with us. Our app development team can help put together innovative solutions to deliver outstanding digital experiences.

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