Mobile friendly website is the way forward to be a consumer friendly business!!!

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Google has announced that they are changing the mobile search algorithm worldwide from April 21st 2015 to implement mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in the search results. 

This imminent change from Google will affect the search result ranking of websites which are not mobile friendly.

Is this Business Critical?

This is not just another update from Google, this mandate warrants serious reaction from your business to consider having mobile friendly website, Google is indeed helping businesses to stay on the top by nudging them to go, where the whole world is going.

Take a Mobile-Friendly test!

Why should I have a mobile-friendly site?

Gartner says "one for every eight people on earth" would have either a tablet or a smartphone by 2016
In 2014 the installed base of mobile operating systems exceeds total installed base of PC based system
This means consumers can immediately gratify their need on the go, if your website is not visible on consumer hands, then a big opportunity is lost.

Does it take more investment?

Each website is unique in its own style, to fully convince yourself or your boss into committing to this change, take a look at your Google Analytics data to understand the level of site visitors who are on mobile devices.

Do not let your business suffer from" Boiling Frog Syndrome". Migrating early will help you reap the benefits early, the further you delay, the farther you get pushed in the search results, only to lose prominence and fall behind the competition that has already made a choice!

Ameex can help transform your website real quick into fully mobile-responsive site or fix up a mobile friendly theme to stay on top of search results!

As Google's deadline is fast approaching, make it a priority to become mobile friendly! 

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