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Look for Partnerships, not a Vendor!

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Our Outcome Based Model

Don’t go by quick fixes and short-term solutions. Finding a Digital partner who understands your business and provides the apt solutions to grow and impact your bottom-line is the key. Over the years, working as a Digital Transformation and Solutioning provider, we have delivered successes to our clients through working on this school of thought. That of a value driven outcome-based model.

The Outcome based Model/approach is how we approach our client’s expeditions. Digital consulting, Development, Services and Solutions in every step of the process is aligned with the overall strategy and end objective of the client’s roadmap. This was not achieved in a day but was instilled in the company’s culture. And now has become a way of life at Ameex.

This is the framework we dwell into.

Look for Partnerships, not a Vendor!

From the Sales person to the end developer, they all approach the process in the same way. We map the activity to the outcome desired by the customer which helps us enhance and improvise on the deliverables.

How does it work?

Any project starts with a discovery phase. It is split into a technical discovery and a creative discovery. This helps us understand the current status of the site and the way it functions. Post this phase, we gather the requirements from the client. This session is grouped with a team of developers, solutions consultant, Business Analyst, Project Manager and the Account manager. The team helps in mapping the customer’s business outcome to the technical solutions.

Benefit of Outcome based model

The delivered outcomes can be categorized into Business, Operational and Engineering areas. While the overall approach is to deliver the outcomes under these functional areas, there are some common benefits fetched by working with such a model. 

The Vendor is not just an Implementation specialist but turns out to be a Digital growth partner taking complete care of your Digital presence. The services and solutions offered are tailored to suit your business needs. This reduces the time to market since no external customization is required. Most of the issues are addressed initially via the site audit process and the discovery phase hence the maintenance cost of the site is reduced. The engagement model is also open for collaborative approach where we work with the client’s in-house development team which reduces the time and money involved overall.

If you are interested to know more on this and how we can help you grow digitally, contact our Digital consultant today.