The Best Customer Personalization is Done Through Conv. UI

The Best Customer Personalization is Done Through Conv. UI

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 17 Aug 2020

The world of e-commerce has seen some revolutionary changes in the past few years, with artificial intelligence, data science, and marketing intelligence drastically changing the marketing intelligence landscape. And it’s not just businesses that are noticing a change in the depth and quality of interactions between brands and consumers – customers are feeling it too. And the most prevalent touchpoint that’s making substantial is Conversational UI, and the most prevalent technique? Personalization.

In fact, consumers don’t just appreciate personalization in 2020 and beyond – they expect it. A 2018 – let me stress that, a 2018 survey from Bing shows that 60% of consumers expected to have their own, personal, branded, assistant with which they could build a 1:1 relationship over the coming years.

In coming articles, we’ll add ideas on why Conversational UI is your biggest asset for personalization – but here are some ideas to think about. It’s the fastest way to generate large amounts of customer data, best way to collect data in context, and one of the best to generate personalized data. Data is the driving force for personalization, and Conversational UI, when leverage fully, is your brand’s strongest step into that domain.

Even considering the fact that AI and automated conversational software was primitive in 2018, consumers expected it to be a mainstream touchpoint in brand communication in the coming years. And it has only gotten better. CUI today has the ability to interact with users on a much more personal level – leveraging specific user data to optimize their experience. Some common ways this is being done, for example, are:

  • Having different, customized conversations per user to increase user retention
  • Serving users dynamic content based on preference
  • Upselling and cross selling recommended products in e-commerce to increase revenue

But CUI isn’t just a way to deliver personalization. We’d argue that it’s one of the best sources of data collection possible. By engaging in 1 to 1 conversation with users, you’re allowing your customers to tell you about themselves in a raw, direct, unfiltered way, at volume. By understanding how users are conversing with your brand, and what exactly they’re saying, you can understand their likes, what they’re looking for, how they’re feeling, and so on. This data, when leveraged correctly, can power some of the most effective marketing and personalization engines out there.  It gives consumers the power to communicate to you, the brand, exactly what they want. It turns the typically one-way street of brand/user content flow into a two-way street.

We’ll look at what kind of data to collect, how it can be used, and how to leverage and capitalize on it in a later video in the series – personalization is just too important of a topic to explain in a short timeframe.

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