How to Meet the Growing Expectations in Healthcare?

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 26 Mar 2019

There's no denying the fact that the healthcare industry is changing. A higher level of customer experience is a must in the 21st century, with a particular emphasis on digital. It's also important to remember that patients now have much easier access to their data, while technology gives them increased control over their healthcare options. All of these elements are weakening the connections between them and their long-term providers. 

It makes it a crucial time for the healthcare industry. Providers need to accurately assess the situation and discover the right technology solutions that will allow them to keep growing. So, how can healthcare providers meet their patients' evolving expectations and demands? The first step is by observing the significant challenges of the industry. 

How to Meet the Growing Expectations in Healthcare?

The Challenges of the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry, as a whole, is involved, meaning that the digital challenges/opportunities are the same. It should also go without saying that the larger the organization, the more disparate its systems are. 

Uncoordinated Customer Experience - Unlike most other industries, healthcare offers a somewhat inefficient and uncoordinated customer experience. Providers usually treat patients in isolation, most often without taking into consideration the shared information and context. A more successful process will require personalization and prioritization based on a shared understanding of the specifics as well as the background of people, systems, and communities. 

Data Silos - Healthcare professionals today are increasingly mobile, collaborative, but remote. As a consequence, they require more efficient, comprehensive, and real-time access to patient data. It will increase their ability to understand, anticipate, and respond to various issues in a more timely manner. Unfortunately, however, healthcare information is mostly stored in separate siloed systems.  

Digital vs. Face-to-Face Interactions - Numerous factors have accumulated over the years to make face-to-face interaction less practical and effective. And even if these remain the de facto method of prescribing treatment, telemedicine is becoming increasingly more convenient for both doctors and patients alike. Chatbots and digital assistants will prove to be an opportunity that few healthcare organizations can afford to ignore in the coming years. 

Automated Processes - The traditional methods of processing a patient (from admission to discharge) are proving to be quite inefficient. And even though there are plenty of automated technologies to streamline the operation and provide for a more personalized experience, most healthcare providers are lagging. 

How Can Healthcare Providers Improve Their Business? 

With more choices and better access to information, healthcare providers are finding it more difficult to acquire and keep patients. Both providers and insurers need to offer a better customer experience, which, itself, needs to be present throughout the entire healthcare cycle. 

Insurers are, by far, the lowest ranking when it comes to customer experience. This phenomenon is so widespread that those who increase their standards will immediately see a considerable uptake in business. Not only that, but better customer experience will also boost customer loyalty as well as the possibility for some word-of-mouth advertising. 

Similarly, it's important for insurers and providers to provide their customers with the right content at the proper time and the correct place to increase engagement and loyalty. It means that they need to be present and available throughout the patient's entire health-related journey. They need to interact with patients through their illness, but also during their recovery as well as when they're healthy. 

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