How Magento Personalization Helps Online B2B Sales

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 21 Jan 2022

How Magento Personalization Helps Online B2B Sales

Earning brand loyalty is important for businesses to retain customers and increase revenue multi-fold. This can be through personalization, the key success factor of this decade for high performance websites. Personalization strategy is set by profile, behaviors, and demographics accumulated from customer information. Businesses can implement deep personalization strategies via Magento -- an e-commerce platform for managing your online stores.

Show Related Products

To improve customer engagement, many online stores display a ‘Related Products’ section. Providing customer recommendations by category and based on current or past online behavior helps in delivering an improved shopping experience. Shoppers won’t have to manually search through everything under the sun. A shopper searching for a helmet will be presented with specific results, as well as other recommended bike gadgets/accessories. This increases the close rate for the initially searched item, as well as increasing additional sales.

Go for Intelligent Shopping Rules

Magento’s promotional features prompt discounts depending on customer behavior. You will find two types of price rules in the admin panel's Marketing section: Catalog Price Rule and Cart Price Rule. These can be managed by utilizing logical statements to indicate products and events that automatically prompt discounts or use coupon codes.

Present Reward Programs

Developing and offering reward programs is a great technique to increase customer loyalty. These programs can boost traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction rates. Offering discounts for referrals when users subscribe for your newsletter, or when they leave feedback on your social media channels, are interesting ways to create a reward program. You can also create your reward program via social media and paid ads to drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Schedule Monthly Personalized Email Product Recommendations

Sending periodic emails to your consumers is a fantastic technique to guarantee repeat customers and increase brand loyalty. Using monthly emails, the sale of your ‘Product Recommendation’ items can surge. The only thing you need to do is integrate the viable products into the template of your choice. An extension handles everything else smoothly.

Proffer Location-based Offers

Are you a multinational brand? You will be surprised to know that Magento can recognize your top countries of best performance and extend discounted rates exclusively for them. This is backed by historical data and visitor preferences. Global brands managing communications from location-based promotions and translated web pages can achieve even better conversions.