How Drupal is influencing your Digital marketing

How Drupal is influencing your Digital marketing

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 04 Feb 2019

With so many marketing tools currently available on the market, some may begin to wonder why so many marketers are still adopting Drupal or maintaining their current Drupal systems. Drupal has numerous benefits to offer, the reason for which so many marketers are using it. 

Among these benefits, we can include things such as easy integration with other marketing tools, flexible front-end design options, increased administrative efficiency, and reduced costs. It is thanks to these benefits presented here that Drupal is such a useful tool, as well as to have the power to influence digital marketing, itself. 

Here is how each of them helps Drupal influence your digital marketing. 

Easy Integration With Other Marketing Tools

Customer experience alone is no longer just defined by Content Management System (CMS.) This system must integrate itself with other technologies, channels, CRM system, and other such marketing tools. Only through one such alliance will you be able to provide your customers with a cohesive and homogenous digital experience across all channels. 

Luckily, however, Drupal is among the most flexible CMS there are when it comes to third-party integrations. And together with APIs, Drupal will allow any business to quickly integrate the latest technologies, surpassing your competitors and delivering almost unmatched customer experience. 

Increased Administrative Efficiency with Drupal

It is common knowledge that with a large organization, it's internal communication will also become more complex. But as it so happens, this also translates to more obstacles and more inefficient content publishing. All of this ultimately boils down to inefficiency regarding customer access to relevant product information. 

Drupal has evolved over the years to better accommodate for less tech-savvy content admins. It provides for a highly customizable dashboard as well as flexible privileges. The system will also allow marketing teams to develop material without the need of developers. It makes it possible for content admins to reposition page layouts without needing any code adjustments.   

Versatile Front-End Design

When it comes to Drupal 8, in particular, both back and front-end architecture can work as separate entities. It implies that the visual design of a website can be created from scratch without needing to also invest in any back-end architecture. 

This heightened degree of flexibility and versatility enables marketers to create and implement new designs much faster, allowing the team to better test and put a better emphasis on UX and customer experience. 

Lower Costs

Like we mentioned in the beginning, the number of marketing tools is on a steady rise.  For businesses wanting to enact a comprehensive marketing strategy, they need to add more such devices to their Martech stack as a means of better understanding the customers, extend their reach, and provide for a personalized form of customer engagement. But, each of these tools has a cost or a service agreement attached to it. 

When an organization embarks on a large-scale implementation process, the costs of proprietary software alone can reach well into the hundreds of thousands. Since Drupal is an open-source platform, it doesn't have any licensing expenses attached to it. It means that Drupal can save a company a great deal of money. 

And thanks to Drupal's fully customizable features, editor tools, workflows, permissions, and user roles, more resources can find their way towards the customer experience, not towards customization. 

While this list presented here is not exhaustive, it does, however, show how much ‘Drupal’ can benefit a business and influence its digital marketing, as a whole. If you're interested in making the migration towards Drupal 8, our certified technicians are here to help. Contact us today