How can chatbots unleash the real potential of CRM?

How can chatbots unleash the real potential of CRM?

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 25 Jan 2019

Backed by artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots are changing the way companies interact with their customers and even how they conduct their business, altogether. It is for this reason why these chatbots have the power to unleash the real potential of CRM systems. 

Traditionally, CRM systems have been to automate various processes in both marketing and sales. But the majority of companies fail to make full use of these CRMs. By integrating and leveraging chatbot technology, they can increase sales, improve customer loyalty and drive conversion rates. 

There are numerous benefits to be had when considering chatbots. From the consumer's perspective, 57% are interested in chatbots thanks to their instantaneity and 24/7 availability. Besides, 40% do not care if they are talking to a bot or a human, as long as they help them solve a problem. Likewise, 47% of consumers would buy an item from a chatbot, while 31% of top-performing companies are looking to implement chatbots and leverage AI throughout the next year. 

A report issued by Streebo began tackling the question of how the implementation of chatbots can help business manage their affairs better with CRM. 

Chatbots Lead to Fewer Missed Opportunities

Employees spend a considerable amount of time on all sorts of tactical tasks in CRM, which leaves them little room to handle more important matters such as lead generation or management. As expected, this also leaves less time to drive sales and miss out on potential deals. 

Additionally, there is also less time to handle data coming in from customers on multiple channels such as emails, calls, messages, social media, etc. Handling too much workload at the same time will inevitably result in missed appointments and deadlines. AI-powered chatbots can help your marketing and sales teams better handle these situations by picking up many of the tasks mentioned above as well as plan follow-up activities. 

Increased CRM Flexibility

With bring your own device (BYOD) practices gaining more ground, sales and marketing teams can better manage their relationships while on the go. But, inputting data on relatively small screens is a problem, as is searching for specific information or generating reports. 

Luckily, however, CRM integrated chatbots can help with these challenges. On the one hand, dealing with a CRM system when a chatbot is involved will be like an ordinary chat. On the other hand, companies can integrate their employee messenger with their CRM, as well as other communication systems such as HRMS, ERP, CMS, or social media and synchronize all the shared data between them. 

Understanding the Target Audience

Chatbots can also be integrated with company emails, social media platforms, HRMS, or ERPs to help sales and marketing teams retrieve more and better information about their target audience. The data could be comprised of conversation or profile data from social media, purchasing patterns, transaction histories, etc. All of this extra data can help your teams understand their clients better and drive more sales. 

In short, chatbots can automate much of the conversation of sales teams with their CRM systems. They can also help with reporting and all sorts of other management processes. There is no denying that this integration is well worth the investment. Feel free to check out our website or contact us directly for more information on CRM-integrated chatbots.