Going Headless without losing Personalization with Sitecore Omni.

Going Headless without losing Personalization with Sitecore Omni.

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 26 Dec 2018

With the arrival of new connected devices such as wearables, smart speakers, VR Headsets, marketers were pressed for creating newer content and delivery methods to reach the same people across touchpoints and new devices. It became hard and expensive for marketers using Traditional CMS adapt to this new change. They basically had to create new content for every new device.

To solve this challenge, many turned to Headless CMS architectures for its flexibility to decouple content from its presentational device, so they only have to change how content is delivered and not the content itself.

But going headless came with a Trade-Off – Losing Personalization

Headless usually comes with a trade-off. Once content and delivery are separated, marketers lose the ability to receive data about how users are interacting with your content or to deliver personalized experiences across devices.

This is a big deal when enhancing the experience and subsequent engagement of customers has become more of a priority in today’s boardroom-level discussions.

Enters Sitecore Omni™

Sitecore Omni™ is a range of products that supports headless scenarios including all author and marketing functionality that Sitecore Experience Cloud offers – inline editing, analytics, personalization, multivariate testing and Sitecore Cortex machine learning.     

Sitecore 9 Omni personalization

Sitecore Omni™ leverages Sitecore Javascript Services and a new Universal Tracker to combine the flexibility and extensibility of a headless CMS with full personalization and content analytics capabilities offered by Sitecore Experience Cloud.  

Sitecore experience cloud

The Universal Tracker is a tracking service based on the latest web API technology that collects events from interactions as they occur or soon after. They are stored temporarily until interaction is completed. It’s built on top Sitecore’s new service host that runs on.Net Core and has a plugin architecture. The biggest benefit is the UT runs independently from the platform as its own application.

Sitecore 9 Universal tracker

Universal Tracker is very scalable. You can scale all the different roles across multiple instances and in the end, they all ride back into one xDB. 

Sitecore 9 tracker instances

With Sitecore Omni™, front-end developers using JavaScript libraries and frameworks can connect to Sitecore’s contextual content delivery server which uses information from Sitecore xDB to interpret content and personalization rules in real time and deliver powerful personalized experiences across devices and browsers. 

Latest enhancements to Sitecore’s Headless capabilities are a step in the right direction that gives businesses greater flexibility, more reach, and more control. Request a demo with one of our Sitecore experts to learn more.