Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft SharePoint Services

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

You probably already know that SharePoint by Microsoft is a web-centric document management technology that provides the ultimate in collaboration efforts. You also may know that its web-friendly philosophy features strong security infrastructures and convenient product features. But here are some others things you should know about Windows SharePoint Services.

Simplify Distribution

When using Exchange Service for emails, you can use SharePoint in conjunction with that to ease your distribution efforts and make things simpler on yourself. Creating a SharePoint site as a single point of contact for email traffic allows you to distribute crucial message to groups, and even choose among users and groups. All SharePoint has to do is grab information from one folder and then work its magic.

Scalable Collaboration

Touted as a collaborative solution toolkit, you can develop sites for interactions by team members so they can share and manage documents and files that are integral to a particular project. Highly scalable, this collaborative platform is based on a widely available resource library that team members can share; however, there is also the ability to provide much further-reaching capabilities to the rest of the company or customer community as a whole.


SharePoint is packaged with fully integrated web editing tools that you can use to create sites. There are many tools at your disposal to do anything from re-purpose code to obtain live data. A high level of control is enjoyed by users of SharePoint 2013 and beyond thanks to the insertion of Web Part zones in individual sites. The result? Simple drag-and-drop controls that allow you to customize the format of your site any way you want thanks to a versatile SharePoint Portal.

Data Transportation

One of the best features of Microsoft SharePoint products is the ability to create shared points of distribution for data for various sources fueled by many transport modes. That's not all: you can also distribute data from one server to another via site-moving utilities.

By integrating a Windows SharePoint services compatible application, you can leverage anything from data management to file sharing easily and securely.

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