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Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

If you have been using Ektron to run your web initiatives then it is likely that you are aware of its merger with Episerver which was declared during this same time, last year. Although it ensured a thrill among the CMS lovers, the decision had a lot of critical questions looming around its clients. Here, I shall be trying to answer some of the questions and discuss a few reasons as to why you should be moving to Episerver, if you still have not yet.

There would be a lot of talk going around your tech community as to why you should quickly take up this migration idea and convert into a yearlong project or face the consequences down the timeline. Let me tell you, any migration whether its Ektron to Episerver or Ektron to any open source should be a strategic decision of your company for your web success and high ROI. There is no sense of urgency required during such phases, I would go so far as to say, take the long walk down your technological investments and see what can be amended. Revisit your online strategy and see if there could be any necessary change that could help your company to benefit from this migration process.

Look back at your Ektron license and see what it provides, build your budgets, look deep into the integrations of your existing system, see if there is a need for a digital marketing automation, if so work on your digital marketing clients and plan who would be your prospects after the migration. As you see the pre-migration process takes the bulk of the timeline so it is at the best of your interest to get in touch with your technical partners and work this phase out.

During this pre-migration process, the most evident question you would be asking is "Why you should go for Episerver?". Now, my honest answer would be - "Who suggested you to do so?" It may seem a little odd but here are few reasons that you may look at before finally hitting the buzzer- GO.

Ektron merged with Episerver in January 2015. Although it is not sure as to how long Ektron clients would be receiving support from their community but three years is a possible number that you can keep in your hands beyond which we still have no idea. So for three years you may still live with your Ektron version but beyond that lack of support will cause security vulnerabilities which will slowly render the platform unusable. My suggestion, it is always better to stay at par with technology (even it means to wait for a year) than losing out to the benefits that come along with it.

If you have thought of building a robust digital marketing strategy and have the budget in hand then probably you can move to Episerver right now. Looking out for reasons? Well, Episerver comes with similar CMS benefits like Ektron only added with a complete marketing automation package. So, you can reap the benefits of both CMS and a tenacious marketing tool that will head start your digital strategy and take it to the next level. My suggestion, start looking at what can be reused or what needs to be rebuild, in this way you can decide upon a complete redesign or a like-for-like migration. Ensure a blueprint of your migration is ready prior to implementation and if you are still confused how to build one, knock us at here.

If you do not have the budget in your hands but still looking to move out of Ektron (possibly looking for similar functionalities ) you can always move to open source. Even though open source is free, moving all the content would take some time and effort. Redesigning should always be an option open due to incompatibility in the design templates. If you still want the look to be carried over, go for a custom design. Drupal is a robust CMS with a great committee to support with new functionalities and has a huge client base all over the world. It may not be as easy as Wordpress but is more powerful, flexible and scalable. At the end of the day, if you are looking for an open source make sure that your new CMS does not limit your digital strategy. Consult your implementation partner for a complete guide.

Last but not the least, Episerver has come up with their Digital Experience Cloud that has a cloud based approach bundled with benefits that both Episerver and Ektron clients never had before. There are packages or bespoke solutions for the clients to choose from. Although the move from Ektron to D.E.C is free of cost, it is only limited to migrations for like-for-like capabilities. But most of the clients look out for new features that the cloud service has to offer and those comes for a price.

Now that you are clear of your status in the Ektron to Episerver migration process, take a look at "how the digital gurus of Ameex can provide you with the optimal solution" for this year's web strategy.

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