Top 5 Reasons Enterprise Marketers Choose Drupal

Top 5 Reasons Enterprise Marketers Choose Drupal

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 31 Aug 2021

When business leaders begin to look toward growth and expansion, they typically find that the content management system (CMS) they’ve relied on may not be their best option moving forward. A basic CMS can work well for small and medium-sized businesses, but implementing data-driven, multichannel strategies across every department requires something more. And there’s one CMS that enterprise marketers trust to meet their objectives.

Why Choose Drupal for Enterprise Marketing?

Drupal is an excellent CMS to track and compile data on a large scale, bring together siloed teams, and customize your site for all your business needs. If your business websites draws an average of 5,000 visitors, you can gain several advantages with Drupal. In addition to security — Drupal security meets the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards — and its agile methodology capabilities, discover five Drupal benefits for enterprise marketing.

1. Drupal is made for high-traffic, complex websites.

Governments, universities and even NASA use Drupal CMS because it can handle large amounts of traffic and data without slowing down.

The CMS comes with a built-in dynamic page cache, and developers can enable Drupal modules to optimize images for faster page loading times, as well as uninstall modules your site doesn’t need.

The Drupal framework is designed to expand, making it easy to scale up as a business grows. A comprehensive, scalable CMS is the best way to support multichannel strategies across a large enterprise.

2. Drupal user experience is superior.

Enterprise marketing strategies means stakeholders across an organization may need to make updates and get data. Integrating designs and building experiences can be seamless with Drupal. Once a site is built, it’s easy for marketers to upload content, make updates or adjustments, publish and discover the data they need.

3. Drupal offers personalization and significant customizations

Drupal provides a framework in which you can easily create personalized user experiences. API connectivity means there’s no need to double up on APIs at the start. Drupal 8 and 9 both come with customization APIs so they don’t need to be built from scratch, accelerating the personalization process.

Personalization empowers your business to serve up customized content, banners, images and more to place what your visitor finds the most compelling content first — helping strengthen customer relationships and increase time on site and conversions.

The flexible coding framework allows for Drupal customization of any feature to meet the needs of your business. Add a coupon cart module, two-factor authorization for more security, registration, calendars and more.

4. Drupal APIs are extensive.

Enterprise marketing requires not just tracking data on a very large scale, but also the ability for various departments to collaborate and communicate about the data.

Drupal offers many application programming interfaces (API) so your site can communicate with any third-party software you need, including payment modules such as Shopify. In addition, the basic REST API now comes out of the box with Drupal, and JSON API is developing rapidly to better support data exchanges.

And over 40,000 Drupal modules help your site achieve more functionality, as well as lessen the time and effort to integrate data systems, accounting and more.

5. Drupal is built with SEO in mind

Enterprise marketing includes reaching customers at every stage of the buying journey, and SEO plays a huge role in that. In addition to its powerful framework, Drupal’s extensive modules make optimizing every part of a website easier, including on- and off-page SEO as well as technical SEO.

Plus, Drupal’s multilanguage capabilities empower global business to leverage international SEO, a key part of tapping into overseas markets. With Drupal SEO on your side, you can rise through the organic ranks around the world.

Ameex Can Help with Your Drupal 9 Migration

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