5 Reasons Why Drupal 9 Could Accelerate Your MarTech Stack’s Performance

5 Reasons Why Drupal 9 Could Accelerate Your MarTech Stack’s Performance

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 16 Sep 2020

Organizations that want to optimize every step of their customer’s journey need a powerful MarTech stack. But according to Gartner, even though marketing leaders spend over a quarter of their budgets on MarTech solutions, they’re using only a little over half of their MarTech stack’s potential.

To maximize both budgets and MarTech stacks, brands need an efficient digital experience platform and content management system (CMS). With seamless integration of content, commerce and MarTech, Drupal 9 can help you create an outstanding digital experience for your customers. Here are the top 5 reasons using Drupal 9 CMS can help you accelerate your brand’s MarTech stack’s performance.

1. Drupal Marketing Automation

There’s no need to waste valuable workhours on email, social media and marketing campaigns, lead generation and lead tracking when they can all be automated. Drupal 9 enables easy integration with open-source marketing automation modules, including HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Google Analytics and more. With these handled automatically, marketing leaders can focus on the messaging that customers reward with higher engagement and conversions.

2. Digital Marketing Personalization

Using Drupal 9 for digital marketing, you can build personalized profiles for every visitor, empowering you to recommend the best products for them. With personalization modules like Acquia Personalization (formerly Acquia Lift) or other third-party personalization engines, Drupal 9 draws on geolocation, browser history, device type and behavior taxonomies to help you target your marketing and increase ROI with individualized experiences.

3. Simple Data Centralization

Each part of your digital marketing strategy – content, email, compliance, social media, personalization and more – is easier when everyone is working from the same playbook. Centralizing customer data collected from every touchpoint is essential to gain that alignment. Through its simple integration with external analytics tools and data platforms, Drupal 9 makes it easy to deliver a consistent user experience across channels.

4. Seamless Ecommerce

Ready to deliver the personalized, content-driven commerce experiences you’ve built with your newly streamlined data collection? Drupal 9 seamlessly integrates with your preferred ecommerce platform, including popular Shopify. It’s also easy to sync products for these sites on your Drupal site.

5. Management of Data Assets & Product Information

With rapidly evolving customer expectations, marketers are always pushed to update and redesign the existing content on their website. Drupal 9 has excellent API capabilities to help centralize and optimize key digital assets and product information to help make online presence management simple and fast.


Drupal 9 has unleashed the full potential of customizing your websites to respond to changing marketing trends and increasing customer needs, without the need to depend heavily on IT teams.

For example, the flexible layout builder now allows you to a create wide variety of quick campaign pages, landing pages, or promotional pages for search engine optimization or advertising (SEO/SEA) within minutes, accelerating the performance of your MarTech stack and paving the way for better user experience, improved targeting and higher conversion rates. 

Learn more about what marketers and digital teams can expect from Drupal 9. Or, if you’re ready to provide superior customer experience and reach the full potential of your MarTech stacks with Drupal 9,contact Ameex’s team of digital experts today.