Building a Global Website With Acquia and Drupal 8

Building a Global Website With Acquia and Drupal 8

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 01 Aug 2019

Driving growth in a globalized economy, businesses need to connect with new audiences across multiple regions. One way to achieve this is by building a global website capable of providing users with content that's relevant for their area and language.   

And even though every organization needs to decide when to scale their digital presence, sooner-the-better is the wise course of action. By building a global, multilingual site, their ability to expand their brand recognition into foreign markets will result in a competitive advantage, as well as increased revenue over the mid to long-term. By using Acquia and by migrating to Drupal 8, this global digital transformation can become a reality.  

How to Plan for a Global Website 

The first step is to get your organization's key stakeholder to buy in on the concept. Present a case with a need-based analysis and the benefits thereof. A well-managed internet presence across geographies that you operate in is a good positioning strategy to start with if you don't already have one. It is no more just the IT department's responsibility but your Marketing, Finance and the top executives need to have the whole picture of the need for a Web Experience Platform. 

When people see that your business directly invests in their region and offer products that are local to them, their trust and loyalty will also increase. Furthermore, global websites are capable of generating more accurate data about customers, further increasing sales, as well as brand loyalty.  

Personalizing the Global Website 

While in the past, the translation process was time-consuming and labor-intensive, Drupal 8 has dramatically streamlined the process. Acquia can now personalize both the language as well as the user experience. Keep in mind that not every piece of content is relevant to every region. But together with Lingotek, Acquia can govern and track all translations throughout all stages of the process. It will also ensure posting consistency across all areas.  

The best way to approach this process, however, is to partner up with local developers and translators in each of the regions you are seeking to publish content. You will need to take into consideration any cultural nuances to ensure that the copy formats following the language style and structure of that target audience. 

These translators need to be well versed in all nuances, idiomatic phrases, and colloquialisms used in that specific region to ensure the best customer experience. Different areas within the same country may share the same language, but they use it slightly differently. By catering to all of these details, your global website will generate the best results possible.  

Always keep in mind that when you're undertaking such a translation program throughout different countries and regions, communicating your brand's message consistently should be given top priority. Ameex Technologies will help you create this global website for you. Being experts in both Drupal 8 and Acquia, we will see this project through. Talk to us today!