Closing the customer experience gap with Acquia

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 29 Mar 2019

Companies have long come to realize that delivering a positive customer experience (CX) isn't only for the benefit of their customers but also for their business, as well. Today, customers abandon a brand if their wants and needs aren't immediately satisfied. It will, of course, negatively impact the brand and its bottom line.

Customer experience improvement with acquia


So, how can companies maintain their customers' loyalty over a prolonged period? It's important to remember that consumers today have more options than ever before. They expect their interactions with a brand to be highly engaging, qualitative, and responsive. It includes all channels of communication and interaction, going from all retail channels to social media networks and everything else in between. 

What Are the Customers Saying About Customer Experience?

Over 60% of consumers feel that brands don't perform when it comes to anticipating their needs. What's more, 55% say that brands are behind concerning customer interactions, both online and offline. As a result, many consumers feel that brands need to understand them better regarding past purchase history and personal preference. It isn't a surprise, then, that 78% of consumers will be loyal to those brands that know them and what they want to achieve through their interaction.   

What Do Marketers Need to Do to Bridge the CX Gap?

The first thing that marketers need to do is to ensure a 360-degree view of their consumers. Some measures that can achieve this are customer effort scores, visitor intent, purchase horizons, etc. These need to be improved via surveys and feedback loops with the customers. A second step is to bring leadership aboard. The leadership team needs to develop and optimize both short-tail and long-tail CX tactics. 

API-based solutions also offer the necessary flexibility to bridge the CX gap. But to implement these solutions, you must first evaluate your existing tech. Identify what parts aren't delivering on CX. Also, look at what software are disconnected from your marketing stack. Use low-code apps and APIs wherever possible. 

Also, you should work with partners and providers that have the necessary experience to help you out. Learn more about them by participating in open source communities. While you're at it, get your team involved in these communities to learn more about the issue. 

Another matter that you have to keep an eye on is privacy and how you handle the customers' data. Marketers and consumers have entirely different views when it comes to their data. It also adds to the disconnect mentioned above. It's important to know that only 11% of consumers feel comfortable with how brands use their data, while 79% think that brands shouldn't use it to market them different things. It is for this reason why personalization needs to strike a perfect balance between customer trust and data privacy.  

How Can Acquia Help with your Customer Experience?

Acquia is the open source digital experience company” says Michael Sullivan, CEO of Acquia. “We’re the company that provides all the pieces and make Drupal an enterprise platform and market leader.” They provide brands with the necessary technology to embrace innovation and create the customer experience that will build trust and loyalty. 

For more information on customer experience (CX) and how to implement it, visit our website or contact us directly. Our trained professionals will answer any questions that you may have.