Optimizing Higher Education Digital Experiences with Drupal DXP!

Optimizing Higher Education Digital Experiences with Drupal DXP!

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 09 Sep 2020

Universities and Colleges are using distributed systems to fulfill their everyday digital needs i.e. to engage, enroll, educate students, and to provide a platform for faculty and marketers. Managing these distributed systems comes with its default challenges like maintainability, long time cost, disconnected digital assets, etc. To add more, the transformation due to pandemic is also putting pressure on universities and colleges to scale up to the demands.

Move to a unified Digital Experience Platform built on top of Drupal that gives you an array of benefits with Flexibility, Scalability, and Security!

Drupal is a far better platform for Higher Education Institutions that is why 71 of the Top 100 Universities use it today.

Powering Major Universities like Purdue, George Washington University, Virginia Tech, RACC, Stanford, Reconnection Institute, and other Ivy League Institutions!

Multi-Site Architecture

Drupal has a powerful architecture and pre-built feature to host multiple websites with a single code base. These individual websites can share code, modules, components and themes providing better reusability across different websites. Having all the websites run on one platform will also improve standards, maintainability, and security.

Content Authoring

One of the challenges that large educational institutions are having is the ability to have better content authoring experience so thet can quickly update content, launch new landing pages, add videos, gallery, etc. Drupal gives you the benefit of code-less authoring experience so that your marketing and content team can launch pages easily.


Drupal is a secure CMS and application framework supported by a team of security experts around the world who continuously validate and release security patches to keep Drupal CMS as the most secure open-source CMS of all.

Multi-Language Support

Drupal’s built-in multi-language capabilities are a part of its core architecture. It enables large websites with multiple language support, built faster than ever – supporting multiple admin languages and translation workflows.

Workflow Management

With Drupal’s powerful contributed Workbench suite of Module, site builders can build the workflow that best suits the content administrators on their site.

API & Decoupled

By using Open Source API first Drupal, you get the creative freedom to build your front end with the way you want using any front end technology.


Drupal’s API first approach not only enables third party systems to consume data from Drupal website but also provides easy integration to other distributed systems using APIs.


Drupal has one of the largest open source community that is continuously contributing to the development of Drupal
–your CMS will always get better!

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