Build a Digital Strategy Roadmap for Success in the Digital Ecosystem

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 22 Feb 2022

Fun Fact: 72% of digital strategists believe that their organization's digital efforts are missing out on revenue expectations. This being the case, organizations must have a reliable digital strategy roadmap to absorb the revenue they plan and live their dream of digital transformation.

To help you with this, Ameex helps you on how to perfectly create a digital strategy roadmap for your business to boom.

Realize Who You Currently Are and What’s Your Goal

You need to analyze who and where your organization is today both in the physical world and digital ecosystem - what its values, vision, sales, metrics and potential are. History is a great teacher and by learning from your past you can avoid the pitfalls of tomorrow and grow. Once you have interpreted your present, figure out what your next steps are. Identify your competitors and how you stand with respect to them. You may need to evolve to occupy more market space or channels.

Redefine Your Target Market (If Necessary)

Brainstorm these questions: Who do you generally end up offering your products/services to? Who do you really intend to? Are they in sync? Observe which segment of the market has shown more interest (this might be the one you never expected). You may have to consider new factors which didn’t exist before, simply because the market is growing exponentially. Create a buyer persona to get your organization’s perspective right. You may even have to redefine your target market.

Set Key Milestones

You’ll have to be strategic in your approach to execute this. Set key milestones from where you are positioned now to where you want to reach. What are the dependencies? Also, what will be the timelines and budgets? Consider everything from sales to product launches to social media campaigns etc. Frame the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things! The milestones should be as per KPIs (key performance indicators) and measurable in terms of revenue, leads, registrations etc. Map out each one of them and define the path you’re going to take to obtain all your mini-successes.

Establish Measurable Objectives

You must have an objective, for sure! But a measurable one. Be as specific as possible. Identify the metrics/KPIs that matter in the digital ecosystem you serve. Set numerical targets for each goal. Your success and failure will depend on the performance of the marketing efforts, so you should be able to measure your performance. For instance, set your target as ‘I will increase my site’s organic traffic by 30% in the next two months.’ You will know by whether you’ve succeeded or not by the end of the two months.

Observe and Optimize Constantly

Whether you are a business owner or a digital strategist, you need to periodically assess your implementations to ensure everything is on track. Is the method that you have incorporated leading to the intended results? If not, you may have to change your strategy, your channels, and/or your communication pattern. Optimize your process for better results.

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