AI Disruptions in Insurance

AI Disruptions in Insurance

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 14 Dec 2020

All global enterprises have learnt from the pandemic is on the importance of connected thriving and living for sustained business growth. Insurance industry being no exception to this new norm, is looking at innovative digital disruptions such as application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and data analytics. Among these digital disruptions AI technologies greatly help smaller insurance enterprises cater to overwhelming newer requests while optimizing downsizing needs of larger insurance enterprises. Though most minimally used within insurance domain, AI is set to break barriers by improvising numerous insurance operations and processes, one of the major contributors to their revenues. Insurers across the globe are claiming in favor of the sweeping stand-ups that AI tools can bring into their operational efficiencies, customer experience (CX) provisions and increased revenue generations. Following are a few insurance domains where AI technologies are geared to provide revolutionary digital disruptions:

AI novelties tackling all complexities of insurance marketing & sales!!!

For tantalizing insurance arrangements!!!

Groundbreaking features of AI tools provide policy pricing improvisations in a more pertinent and competitive manner. Further, robust, suggestive AI tools wielded by insurers today, can advise the most appropriate products for the precise requirements of customers. The most intricate complexities of providing customized policy pricing based on each individual profile, lifestyle and needs is a niche specialty of AI tools. To top it all customers are delighted to pay just for the coverage they require. Enticing insurance engagements leads to such a delightful CX that can lure several new customers.

AI driven risk management for reduced fraud mitigation

Hyper-personalized products, with greatly reduced fraudulent claims!!!

AI tools networked for monitoring claims are capable of easily spotting fraud designs and claims that are intended with illicit intentions. Today’s AI tools in insurance functions are suitably designed to seamlessly spot genuine as compared ingenuine claims and risks. Insurers can easily structure models that can put in place profitable product-lines, customized for every individual customer’s need.

Insurance operations with personal touch

Anytime-anywhere reach-out to customers, a boon for pandemic and post-pandemic era!!!

High tech AI tools such as chatbots are getting more popular among insurers and their customers. Insurers can now get to the very bottom of every customer need. They will be able to personally guide every customer over chat platform, answering every one of their queries either through calls, chats or mails. Chatbots are a huge time-savers and advantage to insurers who can devout their time in constructive pursuits. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention, especially in the competitive world.

Wielding the AI edge in insurance

Using AI tools in every possible nook and corner of insurance processes has its own significant advantages and beneficial effects.

1. Process efficiency

The pandemic and post pandemic, era of insurance industry is in dire need of robust AI tools to tap the tangible potential opportunities they provide.

  • Cost cutting
  • Efficient Operations
  • Machine driven process for repetitive, time consuming and risky tasks leading to better quality
  • Removal of redundant processes
  • Risk of errors is nullified due to machine driven tasks with no human intervention
  • Human resources can be freed to undertake more constructive and profitable tasks

2. AI tools augment insurance pricing precisions

Today’s AI tools form the best of friends for insurance specialists and underwriters. They aid and greatly reduce time and effort of underwriters is huge ways:

  • Analysis of oceans of insurance, Claims and related information to spot risky transactions and Claims
  • Improve precision in decision-making by underwriters
  • Facilitate precise measurement and pricing by underwriters

3. Seamless claims processing

One of the main hurdles insurers have been facing to put in place efficient insurance operations is in claims processing. AI tools have greatly reduced huge headaches for insurers to tackle claims processing pains right from document processes to spotting fraudulent claims:

  • AI tools nullify claims processing challenges arising from curbed movements during pandemic
  • Precise and rapid processing of complex, lengthy Claims documentation
  • AI tools drastically reduce Claims processing periods from a few weeks to a few minutes
  • Automated, thorough, genuine analysis of Claims acceptance or rejections based on solid, legitimate reasoning
  • A cost-efficient system reducing falsely rejected Claims for which further appeals can be avoided

Primary AI illustrative advantages

The advent of AI tools in Insurance industry has been a great step forward for insurers as well as customers alike. The following illustrations throw light on real-time advantages of using AI tools over conventional insurance methodologies:

1. Customer service – 24X7

In today’s era of digitization and Internet, catering to customers and reaching out to them are purely through smart phone apps, chatbot platforms, personal-interactive websites, voice calls, social media, E-mail, and the likes.  Dedicated agent or broker allocation for customer service are now an era of the past. Today’s insurers wield multiple platform and multiple channels to directly reach out to customers to provide a hyper-personal touch in handling their queries and assistance needs.

2. Automation of intricate processes

AI tools possess the capability to automate even intricate processes such as regulatory standards, protocol adherence, across the insurance value chain which were once deemed impossible to automate. Today’s machine learning (ML) tools are capable of easily predicting and improvising on such processes. RPA tools coupled with cognitive techniques seamlessly and rapidly automate claims processing, service request processing, endorsing and the likes.

3. Maintain an updated data model with dynamically changing products

As and when insurance companies keep updating and innovating their products, predictive model-based tools aiding to related insurance processes tend to get outdated. However, modern AI tools come with iterative feedback mechanisms that facilitate machines to be constantly adapt and update as according to product dynamics and market changes.

AI tools today’s insurers should necessarily wield

Following are a few of the must-have tools that every insurance enterprise requires wielding to up-keep their competitive edge, especially during and post pandemic era:

1. IoT

In the perspective of Insurers, IoT devices are a boon for cross-sales activities.  insurers can instantly extend discounts to existing customers during referral incidents. In the perspective of customers, instant alerts pertaining to their health, asset or property risks. AI tools coupled with ML tools facilitate delightful customer experiences (CX).

2. Image and photo analysis

Imaging and photo based analysis of claims data greatly reduces the risks involved in incident fact finding in real-time. What were once time-consuming tasks in terms of physical verification of facts from incident sites such as accident parameter and scene assessments, can be easily and instantly analyzed using AI and ML driven photo/image analysis. Further, life insurance parameter analysis can be performed in an extremely instantaneous manner through image and photo analysis. Tasks such as decision making in terms of underwriting requirements, quotation and policy formulations can be carried out in a jiffy through image and photo analysis.

3. ML to the aid of underwriters

The most tedious and risky part of insurance and claims processing is that of underwriters once upon a time. With the advent of RPA, AI and ML tools, underwriters tasks have been eased out by automated claims assessments that provide instant, real-time, genuine proofs to the assessors. Further, AI tools easily map data from diverse sources, brokers and agents in varied formats into a standard format, augmenting data processing efficiency.

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