Which one is better for you - DevOps or Agile method?

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 16 Apr 2019

DevOps and Agile are two software development methodologies that aim to do the same thing but take somewhat different approaches to get there. Their common purpose is to get the software end-product ready and out on the market as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

But even if organizations are looking forward to adopting these techniques, there is some confusion as to which one will work best for them or what they stand to represent, in the first place. That said, here is a short rundown of each and how they can help in their way. 

difference between agile and devops method

The DevOps Method

DevOps stands for a software development methodology that's focusing its efforts on integration, communication, and collaboration between the software development department and IT professionals. The aim is to enable the rapid and seamless development of products. 

Traditionally, these two teams worked separately, on their silos from the initial design phase and through the product's release to the market. This technique, however, tries to change that by enabling communication, promoting a continuous integration and deployment, as well as providing for transparency in code repositories and automated testing.

Basically, by bringing together the DEVelopment and OPerations teams together, an organization will have a much better time at effectively delivering top-quality software products continuously. 

The Agile Method

The Agile methodology, on the other hand, revolves around the endless iteration of testing and development as part of the systems development life cycle (SDLC) process. This technique is more focused on the continual, accumulative, and evolutionary side of development. 

The Agile process will break the product into smaller pieces and integrates them during the final testing phase. What this process manages to achieve is to promote a leadership mindset, accountability, better teamwork, and self-organization. It's a means of developing a product by continuously aligning development with the wants, needs, and trends exhibited by the customer. 

By focusing more on people than the process and tools, the Agile method enables continual change and adaptability, allowing for the identification of new opportunities to bring more value to the customer. 

The Benefits and Challenges of DevOps and Agile

Both DevOps and Agile can complement each other since DevOps promotes continuous integration, deployment, and frequent releases, while Agile provides rapid adaptability to changing customer trends and requirements. 
The challenges that both methodologies encounter is that they require a fair degree of company cultural shift in mentality and way of doing things. DevOps requires two teams to nurture an open relationship, while Agile needs the organization to move away from the traditional and frequent rigid work environment. It may be more of an issue with larger organizations as different teams have only their departmental goals ingrained in the way they do things. 

Naturally, DevOps is excellent for organizations looking to innovate faster and continuously improve their applications. The Agile method is perfect for those who are looking to develop products that are in line with the users' wants and needs. That said, there's nothing stopping companies from adopting both methodologies and experience both benefits, granted they can avoid or work through the challenges mentioned above.

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